This album was previously mentioned in despatches last April as a recommendation for some new music.

Another Life is the debut album by Hadda Be, and is available, here, from Last Night From Glasgow, or alternatively you see if your local indie record store has a copy (or would be happy enough to order one in).

As I said back in April, it’s a fabulous and very tasty slice of indie-pop at its finest.  You’ll find shimmering guitars, punchy choruses, wonderful melodies and a bunch of songs that, for the most part, come and go around the three-minute mark, all of which, aside from the obligatory ballad, have the ability to get even the most reticent folk out of their chairs so that shapes can be thrown on the dance floor.

Here’s a reminder of the two promos made for the singles that I posted back then:-

A third single was subsequently released, the closing track on the album. The band call it a love letter to the National Health Service, and singer Amber came up with the lyric about her experiences of working within it as a nurse, It also features a speech by Nye Bevan, the politician who founded the NHS in 1948, with his estate giving its full blessing to use his words in what is a powerful and moving number, particularly so in these difficult times:-

“Holding the hand of someone who doesn’t even know you’re there
Working for a service in a town that’s suffering
What am I supposed to do, they just treat me as they like
Cutting the ties that wrap their way around me, I just might….”

mp3: Hadda Be – Nurse’s Song


2 thoughts on “SOME IDEAS FOR CHRISTMAS 2021 (#3)

  1. completely agree, has been a regular listen for the past 6 months or so, my over-riding take out is the energy of the album, it always gets me bouncing and wanting to get up and out.

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