I thought I’d have a wee bit of fun today, with something quite different from the norm, and which might make a few of you smile in recognition of childhood memories.

From wiki:-

Barry Gray (born John Livesey Eccles, 18 July 1908 – 26 April 1984) was a British musician and composer best known for his collaborations with television and film producer Gerry Anderson.

In 1956 Gray joined Gerry Anderson’s AP Films and scored its first marionette puppet television series, The Adventures of Twizzle. This was followed by Torchy The Battery Boy and Four Feather Falls, a puppet Western based on a concept suggested by Gray. His association with Anderson lasted throughout the 1960s. Although best known for his score to Thunderbirds (in particular the “March of the Thunderbirds” title music), Gray’s work also included the themes to all the other “Supermarionation” productions, including Fireball XL5, Stingray, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and Joe 90.

Additionally, Gray is known as the composer for the Anderson live-action series of the 1970s, such as UFO and Space: 1999 (though he was not involved in scoring The Protectors). His work in cinema included the scores to the Thunderbirds feature films Thunderbirds Are Go (1966) and Thunderbird 6 (1968), and the live-action science-fiction drama Doppelgänger (1969). Gray’s professional association with Anderson and his career in TV and film scoring ended when he decided to leave the production of Space: 1999 after the completion of the first series.

I recently picked up a second-hand copy of a 10″ mini-album. Here’s all eight of its tracks, with a total running time of 20 minutes.

mp3: The Barry Gray Orchestra – Thunderbirds (Main Theme)
mp3: The Barry Gray Orchestra – Captain Scarlet Theme
mp3: The Barry Gray Orchestra – Hijacked
mp3: The Barry Gray Orchestra – Aqua Marina
mp3: The Barry Gray Orchestra – Stingray
mp3: The Barry Gray Orchestra – The Mysterons Theme
mp3: The Barry Gray Orchestra – Joe 90
mp3: The Barry Gray Orchestra – Parker Well Done

The last of these features vocal contributions from the actors who played Jeff Tracey, Lady Penelope and Aloysius Parker in Thunderbirds.

It’s back to the indie-schmindie tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “NO STRINGS ATTACHED

  1. Outstanding!

    So that’s Sylvia Anderson (Lady P), Peter Dyneley (Jeff) and David Graham (Parker) on track 8.

    Brilliantly, David Graham reprised his role as Parker in the recent (and pleasingly watchable) reboot, Thunderbirds Are Go. And archive audio of Peter Dyneley’s “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Thunderbirds are go!” was used for the title sequence. Writers for the reboot included David Baddiel, and effects were a mixture of CGI and old-school models. And there was an all-star cast, with Rosamund Pike (sigh) as Lady Penelope. Lee Majors played Jeff Tracy, Sandra Dickinson voiced his mother. Jack Whitehall, Mark Gatiss, Omid Djalili, Ruth Jones, Jennifer Saunders, Sylvester McCoy, Sheridan Smith, Peter Davison, Larry Lamb, Mathew Baynton, Ruby Wax, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Gemma Chan, Reggie Yates, all guested. I know I’ve gone massively off-topic now, and you probably need kids the right age to get away with watching it, but it’s good fun. Most importantly, it doesn’t dump on our collective childhood memories of the original.

    I’ll stop now.

  2. Parker had a look of Leonard Cohen about him. Suspect his relationship with Penelope might have been more complicated than we were allowed to know.

  3. The products of Gerry Anderson’s incredible imagination lit up my childhood, all the way from Fireball XL5 in 1963 to Space 1999 in the mid-1970s. Those weekly sneak-previews of the future (as I was convinced they were) captivated me at a time when I had no more serious concerns in life than what style of hover-scooter I’d require when I grew up and whether or not caps with flip-down communication devices would be available in my size.

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