From the booklet with the Park Lane Archives compilation CD (2009):-

Dee and Louise began as backing sisters in Bourgie Bourgie, then shared vocals with Paul Quinn in the early Jazzateers line-up.

They formed Sunset Gun with Ross Campbell, releasing an album on CBS. They then became best known for their participation in This Mortal Coil, featuring heavily on ‘Filigree and Shadow’ and ‘Blood’ as well as Louise on the follow-up The Hope Blister

Dierdrie later worked with Eyeless In Gaza.  Louise formed The Kindness of Strangers with Craig Armstrong and both sisters remain active. This lovely rendition of Nick Drake‘s classic recorded in 1985 remained unreleased until now!

mp3: Rutkowski Sisters – Riverman

While this is the only track I have under the name of Rutkowski Sisters, there’s quite a few from their later days with the bands named above.  It won’t be too long before they make a return to this series.



  1. I immediately recalled the name Sunset Gun but not one of their songs. I took a wee peek on YouTube and the songs fell flat – not my kind of thing.

    While I really loved (love) This Mortal Coil it was a ‘band’ forever trying to live up to the beauty of Song to the Siren / Another Day.

    The Hope Blister passed me by entirely.

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