Up till now, every song in this series has been ripped from a piece of vinyl via the turntable in use at Villain Towers. I only own a digital copy of today’s song, so you will, I’m sorry to say, have to make do with a lo-res rip.

Middle Age Man dropped me a line last week:-

“With the sad news this week of the passing of Richard H Kirk I thought it would be great if you could feature the 12′ version of Yashar released on Factory Records ( the John Robie remix),

For me, it is the pivotal CV release as it signifies their move from industrial to the dance floor and sums up their blend of 1980’s cold war paranoia and the dance floor. And on a more personal level, it was the first time my wife would let me play CV without her passing me the headphones.”

mp3: Cabaret Voltaire – Yashar (12″ version)

Yashar is a remix of a track originally issued on the 1982 album 2×45, which came out on Rough Trade. The single was issued in May 1983 on Factory Benelux (FBN 25) and Factory Records (FAC 82). It features a sample “The 70 billion people of Earth — where are they hiding?” from the Outer Limits episode “Demon with a Glass Hand”.


6 thoughts on “THE MONDAY MORNING VINYL RIP : Part Thirty Three : YASHAR

  1. Thanks for posting, I ‘ve always wondered where the sample came from. Based upon my experience yesterday the sample should be – ‘There’s 70 million people of Earth- where are they hiding- in queues for petrol.

  2. I very much agree with Middle Age Man about the signifance of this release, it turned me very much into CV – I personally hold the 12″ of Just Fascination as their pivotal release but Yashar is up there (actually I think the John Robie mix 2 is slightly better than the mix 1 provided here).
    JC – I have the 12″, let me know if I should send you HQ rips of both versions. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Richard Kirk will be missed, a reminder of the groundbreaking work of early CV, my personal favorite is maybe Red Mecca, my gateway into CV.

  4. Sadly heard that Richard H. Kirk passed away. CV are one of those that opened my ears for industrial sound that later turned into a dancefloor mood. Good to listen to Yashar once again.

  5. Superb selection, JC, and suggestion, Middle Aged Man! Yashar was my introduction to CV and remains one of the finest 12″ singles ever, from the custom sleeve to the brace of John Robie remixes. In my RHK selection over at Dubhed last week, I went for Mix 2. I love both equally, but I knew that Mix 1 is on a CV mixtape somewhere, so it will get its moment in the not too distant future. The mixtape was actually done for me by my brother, it’s title the misheard sample, “There’s 70 billion people in there…” The internet set me straight many years later!

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