Yesterday featured a song which peaked at #40 in the UK singles charts.  Well, whatdyaknow?  Its deja vu….

Here’s our much missed friend Tim Badger back on 26 July 2016 with something from ICA #86:-

Sparky’s Dream

Ok I’ll keep this one short – this is one of the best pop rock songs ever written. It’s another Gerard Love one and that bluesy slide guitar intro is divine and nearly every band I can think of would kill for it.”

Looking back, you can learn, or be reminded, that Sparky’s Dream was the lead single from the fifth studio album, Grand Prix.  It was released on 22 May 1995 as a 7″ single and on 2 x CDs.

I’ve one of the CDs in the collection:-

mp3: Teenage Fanclub – Sparky’s Dream
mp3: Teenage Fanclub – Burned
mp3: Teenage Fanclub – For You
mp3: Teenage Fanclub – Headstand

Burned is a cover of a Buffalo Springfield song, written by Neil Young and dating from 1966, and was made available on the 7″ and CD1. The latter is where you’ll also find the Raymond McGinley penned For You, and Headstand, another track written by Gerard Love.

I’ve also picked up, along the way, the lead track from CD2.

mp3: Teenage Fanclub – Sparky’s Dream (alternative version)

This is actually the recording for the BBC Radio 1 Evening Session that had been transmitted a few months earlier, on 23 January 1995.



  1. What a song – lost none of it’s beauty over the years – in a career of highlights, this is one of their best!

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