Recorded in November 1966, and issued as a single on Verve Records in the USA the following month.  It’s b-side was Femme Fatale.

Nobody really paid that much attention to it.  It’s a different story nowadays, with a copy of this particular artefact certain to fetch any would-be seller a handsome sum, especially given the continued mania around vinyl.

As wiki explains:-

In late 1966, “Sunday Morning” was the final song to be recorded for The Velvet Underground & Nico. It was requested by Tom Wilson, who thought the album needed another song with lead vocals by Nico with the potential to be a successful single. The final master tape of side one of the album shows “Sunday Morning” only penciled in before “I’m Waiting for the Man”.

In November 1966, Wilson brought the band into Mayfair Recording Studios in Manhattan. The song was written with Nico’s voice in mind by Lou Reed and John Cale on a Sunday morning. The band previously performed it live with Nico singing lead, but when it came time to record it, Lou Reed sang the lead vocal. Nico would instead sing backing vocals on the song.

A look at Discogs will reveal that just three copies have changed hands via that particular market since 2018, but the prices paid reflect the situation I referred to above:-

September 2018: £730
August 2019 : £866.66
March 2021 : £1717.65

And no, I wasn’t a buyer… I’ve said before, I was late to the Velvet Underground.

The single was released in mono. As it turns out, the 2002 reissue of the banana album provided two CDs, one with a stereo remaster and one with the original mono version, with the bonus of the mono singles tacked on at the end. So, if you want a listen to what almost two grand gets you these days:-

mp3: The Velvet Underground & Nico – Sunday Morning
mp3: The Velvet Underground & Nico – Femme Fatale

No need to thank me (insert winking emoji).  It all part of the villainous service offered round these parts.



  1. I occasionally wonder if I’m being a little over indulgent when I splash out £100 on a box set, but a couple of grand for a 7″…..blimey! A lovely thing to own to be sure, but at that price it would have to be framed on my wall, not spinning on my turntable.

  2. The Velvet Undergound were a band shunted at me from my earliest introductions to music but … it took me till the mid 80s to enjoy/love them.

    Both songs here are pure pop classics.

    I look at my vinly collectables now and think “See. You could do better.”

  3. I wonder what the first LP goes for these days. The one with the banana sticker you can peel off. Probably worth a packet, as my UK friends might say.

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