From the website :

“After much reflection and soul-searching, the band formerly known as British Sea Power have modified their name to simply Sea Power.

We’ve been British Sea Power for 20 years – an amazing 20 years, when we’ve been able to continually traverse the British Isles, to travel the world, encountering many friendly faces, not least in the band’s remarkable audience. But the name British Sea Power had come to feel constricting, like an ancient legacy we were carrying with us.

When we came up with the name British Sea Power there were at least two different lines of thought behind it. There was, literally, sea power – the elementary power of the oceans. Alongside this was the historical idea of “British sea power” – Britannia ruling the waves; the naval power that once allowed Britain to dominate the world. When we came up with the original band name, Britain no longer ruled the seas. The band name was intended with a kind of wry humour. The idea of British sea power in the historical sense was an obsolete thing. It was now just the name of a rock band…

Now, 20 years later, we’re recasting the name. In recent times there’s been a rise in a certain kind of nationalism in this world – an isolationist, antagonistic nationalism that we don’t want to run any risk of being confused with. It’s become apparent that it’s possible to misapprehend the name British Sea Power, particularly if someone isn’t familiar with the band or their recordings. We’ve always been internationalist in our mindset, something made clear in songs like Waving Flags, an anthem to pan-European idealism. We always wanted to be an internationalist band but maybe having a specific nation state in our name wasn’t the cleverest way to demonstrate that.

We very much hope the band’s audience won’t be affronted by this adjustment to the name. We’d like to make it clear that removing the word “British” does NOT indicate any aversion to the British Isles whatsoever. We all feel immensely fortunate to have grown up in these islands. Several or our songs are filled with love and awe for this place. We do love these lands. We all still live within the British Isles, but we are now just Sea Power. We feel the name change comes in part from the band’s audience – who at a good show will shout out, “Sea Power! Sea Power!” Maybe this name change has been there for years, shouted in our ears. It’s just taken us this long to realise – to hear what was there in front of us…”

JC adds….

This long-time fan is far from affronted.  Indeed, this long time fan punched the air in delight when hearing of the change.  The songs will still mean the same.

mp3: British Sea Power – Waving Flags

The name change has been accompanied by with a further announcement that a new album, ‘Everything Was Forever’ will be released on February 11, 2022, and that the first single to be lifted from it is ‘Two Fingers’, which they describe as having “strong hopeful intent, a desire to start anew” amid contrasting observations about racism and the social fabric of the UK.

Our late and much-missed friend, Tim Badger, really loved British Sea Power. I’m 100% certain that he is looking down on all of this with a big daft grin on his face.



  1. Whatever their name is – they will always be a keeper of great British independent music. And I am sure Badger will be proud of their upcoming record.

  2. It is heartening to see that the band have a real reason, ethic and purpose for the name change. It is a bold thing to do after 20 years, but theirs is bold music, that I think has only gotten more interesting with every album.

  3. Seems to me the band have acute self awareness. Times, they are a changing. Thankfully.

  4. I’m going to go against the grain here, and say that I think this is an incredibly stupid decision by BSP. It totally plays into the narrative that patriotism is something that belongs to the right. Look at Nigel Farage – he surrounds himself with Union Jacks and constantly has himself pictured in bars drinking pints, and yet it is clear, in everything he says and writes, that he utterly loathes Britain and everything it stands for. BSP are the real patriots – proud of their country and proud to be part of Europe. They should use the ‘British’ part of their name with pride, because they represent everything that is good about the country. This decision is a victory for Farage and the far-right.

  5. I’d sooner the band had retained its original name – partly
    via Kontroller’s argument and partly because I just think
    the original name is a far better one.

    Away from that, the single sounds great on first listen and am
    looking forward to the new LP (and plugging gaps in the collection

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