Simply Thrilled Mixtape #4 Poster Paints

Poster Paints, in their own words, are Simon Liddell (Olympic Swimmers, Frightened Rabbit) and Carla J Easton (TeenCanteen and Ette) who have changed their way of working and embraced the “new normal” to make art. Their debut single ‘Number 1’ is an instant anthem. Teenage love, feeling invincible and long hot summers. It’s the sound of two people exploring. Glasgow indie pop, dream pop and shoegaze – the bands they grew up listening to, and are passionate about.

Number 1 came out in a limited edition physical form back in May, and I’m happy to say that I was able to procure a copy via Monorail in Glasgow.  You can have a listen and then pick up a copy from bandcamp for just £1….all you have to do is click here.

The Simply Thrilled mob are, understandably, simply thrilled that Poster Paints have created the latest of our mixtapes which we are pulling together in lieu of us not being able, just yet, to have any of our regular nights at The Admiral Bar in Glasgow.

It’s a mix which gleefully swerves from soul to indie to 80’s pop with reckless abandon, and it is utterly joyful!

1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth – Belinda Carlisle
2. I Can’t Let Go – Evie Sands
3. Straight To Hell – The Clash
4. Freak Like Me – Sugababes
5. Summertime – The Sundays
6. Nobody Sees Me Like You Do – Yoko Ono
7. Don’t Say Nothin’ Bad (About My Baby) – The Cookies
8. I Met Him On A Sunday – Laura Nyro
9. Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart – The Supremes
10. La La Lie – Basia Bulet
11. The Abandoned Hospital Ship – The Flaming Lips
12. Something Big – Burt Bacharach
13. 90% Of Me Is You – Gwen McCrae
14. Neil Jung – Teenage Fanclub
15. I Can’t Stand The Rain – Ann Peebles
16. Sometimes Always – Jesus and Mary Chain
17. 1 Thing – Amerie
18. The One To Wait – CCFX
19. I Follow You – Melody’s Echo Chamber
20. Sound and Vision – David Bowie
21. Alison – Slowdive
22. Velocity Girl – Primal Scream
23. Different Now – Chastity Belt
24. The Opener – Camp Cope
25. The Greater Times – Electrelane
26. Crawl Babies – The Pastels



  1. I am in awe! I am an unapologetic fan of Amerie…class R&B. But to find 1 Thing on the same mixtape as Straight To Hell, Velocity Girl and Something Big is genius! JUST GENIUS!

  2. I could just about stand the Belinda Carlisle song when I saw Orbital live and they dropped a sample into Halcyon. On it’s own, it’s just a bit too rich for my taste. Otherwise, a truly excellent and eclectic mix. Completely agree with Echrorich’s comments about Amerie… who knew it would be a perfect follow on from The Jesus & Mary Chain?!

  3. hi ..great mix of songs … the first track has a ‘jump’ at around 24 secs ..great selection though

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