The title if the posting is taken from a line written by Howard Devoto, for the Magazine song, Model Worker.  You might well be asking yourself what it has to do with the fact that the record sleeve is clearly by 80s indie band, The Chesterfields.  I’ll do my best to explain…..

A couple of weeks ago, we enjoyed the long overdue return of KT to the pages of T(n)VV, thanks to her contributing a piece about one of the CDs in a box which had belonged to our dear, late friend, Tim Badger.   We were warned that it was likely to be a one-off, but everyone who left behind a comment wanted otherwise.

I haven’t heard anything further from KT, and so I’m using today to dedicate a song to her, and her daughter, in the hope that she will think kindly of us and make some time to give us some more words and tunes to enjoy.  The song is a b-side from a 1988 single, released on the band’s own Household Records label:-

mp3: The Chesterfields – Last Train To Yeovil

C’mon KT… regaled us all with tales of nice and not-so-nice train drivers steering the 1225 service from Axminster. I know for a fact that some of the trains from Axminster  make their way in the direction of Yeovil, and while I would imagine that the 1225 service won’t be the last one of the day, there’s every chance that Driver A (the nice man) will be responsible for the subject matter of today’s song….I’ve dug deep into the vinyl collection to fish this one out for you and the little ‘un, and reckon it’s a better effort to try and get you aboard (pun intended) than sensing flowers and chocolates.

Last Train To Yeovil was one of four tracks on what was a 12″ only release, with the a-side being a particularly jaunty affair, complete with trumpets and trombones!!:-

mp3: The Chesterfields – Goodbye Goodbye
mp3: The Chesterfields – Better Smile
mp3: The Chesterfields – Hopes For Lauren or Joseph

I have to say, however, that while I like most of what I have by The Chesterfields, they never managed to surpass the majesty of their single for The Subway Organisation in 1987:-

mp3: The Chesterfields – Ask Johnny Dee

Just give me any excuse or opportunity to get that track posted, and I’ll use it.



  1. Enjoyed that A-side, JC – kind of Housemartinsish in a way.
    Hope this post twists KT’s arm too.

  2. Ask Johnny Dee – popped up on my “Weekend In Wales” playlist a few days ago as we drove round Anglesey. Mrs TGG was not overly impressed with my enthusiastic “singing” of the tune. I’ve a sneaking suspicion it will make the cut for the “Five Days In Norfolk” playlist next month. Mrs TGG is pining for an overseas jaunt free from driving and playlists!

  3. As a kind of PS: the post that Martin links to is well worth a read. Really
    enjoyed it.

  4. The Chesterfields were the first swapsies gig that i went to when studying in London. Effectively I said to anyone on our floor in Halls that I would go to a gig of their choosing but in return they had to go to one of mine. My mate Pru asked me to go to the Chesterfields and i think i asked her to go to The Icicle Works in return? Some of these swaps worked well – for instance i had no knowledge of Tom Waits until i did a swapsie for someone. However i did see some appalling rubbish which easily balanced it out… (PS BTW The Chesterfields were very good!)

  5. Ask Johnny Dee was a highlight on Indie Top 20: CD88 but until now the only song by The Chesterfields that I’d heard. Good music and fingers crossed the post encourages KT to guest again.

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