P.V.C.2 was a Glasgow-based punk band who emerged from the ashes of one-time promising teenybop band Slik who had been seen by many as the next Bay City Rollers.

There had been a #1 single in 1975 but the eponymous debut album the following year sunk without trace. The core of Slik – Midge Ure (vocals, guitar), Kenny Hyslop (drums) and Billy McIsaac (keyboards) – hooked up with Russell Webb (bass) and jumped upon the punk bandwagon, releasing a three-track EP on Zoom Records in August 1977, with the lead track being a Ure/McIssac joint composition:-

mp3: P.V.C.2 – Put You In The Picture

Within a few weeks, Ure had upped sticks for London, to join The Rich Kids, the new band formed by ex-Sex Pistol, Glen Matlock.

Put You In The Picture went with him and became part of the live set of his latest band, eventually being re-recorded to appear on the album, Ghosts of Princes In Towers.

Ure’s departure led to the other members of P.V.C. 2 to bring in Willie Gardner as the replacement and re-naming themselves as Zones, a story that will be told in more depth when this series reached the latter Z.

Let’s be honest. Put You In The Picture might be a tad punk-by-numbers, with more than a nod to the sort of sounds that were being made by The Stranglers, but it’s not a bad listen. It’s hard to believe that it’s Midge Ure on lead vocals mind you…..

This song comes to you courtesy of its inclusion in the Big Gold Dreams 5xCD boxset.  I can’t ever recall hearing it prior to then.


7 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SONG : #233: P.V.C.2

  1. I remember the PVC2 single well, as the first four Zoom Records releases were all eagerly anticipated. Bruce’s Records, a small chain of shops in Scotland, produced a free fanzine called Cripes and as the shop also launched Zoom, their singles were well advertised alongside other releases of the day.

    Zoom Records was short lived in its original format, as Bruce Findlay was interested in what grew out of Glasgow’s Johnny & The Self Abusers and closed the shops. the independence of the label and became the manager of the band now called Simple Minds. A new Big Gold Dream was in the making.

  2. So is to put someone in the picture yet another UK expression I never heard? Is that why Merton Parkas sang ‘Put Me In The Picture’? Need to get my lingo straight…

  3. Great post. Well familiar with Midge Ure, of course, but had not heard of PVC2 or any of their music. “Put You in the Picture” is definitely a grower. Is it just me or does it sound like Midge is channeling his inner Howard Devoto?

  4. This has been on my want list for ages as I’m very interested in Midge Ure periphery. Currently listening to the “Vienna” ultrabox. Stranglers, eh? Can’t wait to hear that!

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