There are days when I have to accept that I really am something of an old saddo.

Like the day the other week when I realised I had three separate copies of Blue Monday on vinyl, all dating from 1983. But to be fair, they are three completely different pressings with different sleeves……

Copy #1: The original pressing that came in the die-cut sleeve with the vinyl being housed in a silver inner sleeve. The asking price on Discogs for a copy in the condition mine is in ranges from £40-70, although some sellers are looking for stupid money such as £185.

Copy #2: The second pressing that came in the die-cut sleeve but with the vinyl being housed in a glossy black inner sleeve. The asking price for this one, of which there actually seem to be fewer on Discogs, can be as low as £10 but up to £40. Mine actually has another quirk in that the labels have been placed on the wrong sides so that to listen to Blue Monday I have to play the side of vinyl which is listed as The Beach.

Copy #3: The third pressing that was plain black, but still with the code down the right-hand side of the sleeve, with the vinyl housed in a white paper sleeve. The Poundland/Dollar Store version of the single so to speak, but still capable of fetching as much as £20, although most retail on the second-hand market for under a tenner.

Copy#1 is the one that is alleged to have cost Factory Records money with each sale with the legend being that the die-cut sleeve and silver cardboard inner, along with the actual vinyl, cost more to manufacture than the selling price. It still proved to be a great return overall given that this was the single that brought New Order to the attention of the record-buying public and led to countless millions of sales of this 45, along with subsequent singles and albums, all over the planet.

mp3: New Order – Blue Monday
mp3: New Order – The Beach

Ripped from copy#1 of the original vinyl at 320kbps.

Remember folks, feel free to make suggestions as to what should appear here on Monday mornings. As long as I have a vinyl copy, I’ll make sure your requests are met.



  1. Another great selection, JC. I only have one vinyl copy of the 12″ (version #2 from your list), but I’ve somehow acquired 20 different versions and remixes of Blue Monday (mostly) and The Beach since. Now that’s sad. Nothing tops the originals, though.

  2. It’s still a great record after all these years. I have 2 copies. #1 (I bought this on the release) and #2 – this now being a clock on my wall…
    @Khayem – I have also acquired a sad amount of versions over the years, as you say none of them tops the original. The only that is close in my eyes is the Andrea mix, which contrary to most remixes instead of making it harder and faster slows the track down to a semi-ambient, backbeat-ish, kind of version.

  3. if you are going to have 3 copies of a single , this is the single, Great choice. A few years ago there was a cover version by a Welsh male choir which is amazing. To take such an electronic based tune and turn it into a choral piece just shows that there is a great song underneath it all.

  4. I’ve got 2 copies of the 12″ (both JC’s Copy #2 as described above) plus the 1988 version. I also have it on Substance (which I own on vinyl, cassette and CD) and the New Order Singles CD. There are various versions on my hard drive too. And I used to have a T- shirt. As everyone else said the original is the best. I do like The Beach though, almost as much.

  5. From
    “Outvoted” in the runout refers to an error made by the Strawberry engineer, who brought up the fader too late and missed the first drumbeat. New Order took a vote as to whether the mistake should stay, and the yes vote prevailed.

  6. @DW – I’ve always found the stark opening of Blue Monday to be it’s initial engaging charm! The opening 1:01 is one of the greatest Pop prologues of all time
    I cannot stomach Blue Monday ’88, I haven’t ever seen the reason for it.

  7. hello,
    another all time favorite of mine. with several copies under my belt.
    not much else to add.

    but check out the prototype demo versions of the song on youtube,
    from the power corruption and lies super deluxe edition. fascinating
    to see how the song has evolved.


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