This week’s offering is one of the most unusual and unique bits of music that I’ve ever featured on the blog.

The man pictured above is David Scott, who is best known from his involvement with the Glasgow-based band The Pearlfishers, which is a story I’ll return in due course when this alphabetical run-through of Scottish singers/bands whose work features in the vinyl/CD collection at Villain Towers reaches that particular act.

For now, let me quote the man himself from an interview he gave to a London-based blogger from Turkey back in 2007:-

“I’ve been a professional musician since 1984. In that time I’ve worked with major record labels and major publishers. I produced records for major labels as well and also for indie labels, my band is called The Pearlfishers. We’ve made 8 albums and currently making a 9th and a 10th at the same time. We released those records on an independent label based in Hamburg but I’ve also released records in Japan, in America and over Europe. I’m a broadcaster I make programs about music for BBC. I’m a community music practitioner at the same time. For the last 10 years I’ve been an academic, I’m teaching songwriting and composition in university.

The Hamburg-based independent label he refers to is Marina Records, a number of whose releases I’ve picked up over the years. In 2018, the label released Goosebumps, an anthology to celebrate 25 years in the business, with a fair number of the tracks being previously unreleased cuts, with one example being a David Scott composed instrumental, which is just a shade over two minutes in length:-

mp3: Oscar In Venice – Go For A Walk In The Woods

There’s no info within the Goosebumps booklet other than it is a previously unreleased piece of music written and produced by David Scott. My efforts to find out anything else across t’internet have drawn a blank as it appears to be the only available piece of music ever made available under this particular moniker, so I can’t even tell you from when it dates from or the name of the youngster who adds the spoken contribution.



  1. What a great discovery. Whilst the music info completist in me itches at not being able to identify artist names, years or samples, there’s something reassuring in knowing that the internet hasn’t (yet) been able to catalogue every beat, burp and bacon sarnie that has ever been created. Sometimes it’s great that music is just… put out there for people to find and wonder about.

    This could be the perfect intro to the soundtrack of my weekend. Thanks, JC!

  2. Love the Pearlfishers and have a half completed. ICA somewhere . Never heard this before though

  3. Like Khayem I find it comforting that pop retains some secrets …although I’m a nosy bugger who’d like to know more.

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