Given away with the April 1992 edition of Select Magazine, one that came with Kurt Cobain on the cover. Otherwise, it was an issue packed with t-shirt bands such as James, Carter USM and Senseless Things.


Eleven songs all told, and , as normal with Select, there were a couple of pages devoted to providing some more details about each of them, with a band member or solo performer quoted in a short interview style.

The wider selling point was was that three of the tracks were ‘exclusive unreleased’, three were demos, one was a remix and the other four were edits.  It was also given an official catalogue number by the label – C-RE 128.

NB : Tape and songs were previously featured on this blog back in February 2014.

A1: Boo Radleys – Lazy Day (version)
A2: Swervedriver – Son of Mustang Ford (demo version)
A3: Teenage Fanclub – Kylie’s Got A Crush On Us (unreleased – recorded live at a soundcheck)
A4: Silverfish – Vitriola (demo version)
A5: Love Corporation – Gimme Some Love (remix)

B1: Ride – Time Of Her Time (live version)
B2: mk – Play The World (edit)
B3: The Telescopes – You Set My Soul (unreleased)
B4: Slowdive – Shine (edit)
B5: Sheer Taft – Atlantis (edit)
B6: Bill Drummond – The Manager’s Speech (edit)

Copies can be found on Discogs for £1.99 (plus P&P) mostly from European-based sellers.  It would likely all add up to not far short a fiver all told.

Regular readers will know that Bill Drummond is a hero of mine and someone I have long reckoned is a bonafide genius.

Here are the words from the magazine which accompanied The Manager’s Speech:-

It is 1986 and Bill Drummond, former manager of Echo & The Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes and Strawberry Switchblade, has just quit his post as Head of A&R at Korova. The label’s last signing is Brilliant, soon to be produced by SAW and featuring Jimmy Cauty.

Drummond signs to Creation for an album, modestly titled ‘Bill Drummond – The Man’, awash with anarchic Country & Western and infamous for the track ‘Julian Cope Is Dead’. He releases a 12-inch single, ‘King Of Joy’ and Creation want a video and B-side. He elects to make a ten-minute promotional clip of himself pushing a street-cleaner’s dustcart through a park, a gold disc stuck on the front, a guitar in the bin, “spontaneously pontificating” on the subject of pop stardom.  The opening section appears on the Select tape.

BILL DRUMMOND: “I did it cos it was cheap and we needed a B-side. It’s a sort of layman’s eye-view of the pop business. The view of some guy you meet in a pub, or a cab driver, and you make the terrible mistake of letting him know you’re in the music business and he starts giving you his theory about it – ‘Fuckin’ Duran Duran, eh?…..’ It was kind of cynical but I really felt I had a future as an artist rather than someone behind the scenes”.

A year later Drummond and Cauty release their first single as The JAMMS. Shortly after they mutate into The KLF.

I’ve tracked down said clip.





  1. Played the first track and immediately reached for the Boo’s 2nd album. Going to be a long day of listening if other tracks have that effect on me.

  2. Good post, some long lost tape based crackers there. I liked Select, it covered dance music well, as well as indie rock and had some writers who knew their stuff. But that front cover is a mess. Design team need a bollocking- shit photo of Kurt Cobain- you’d think its very difficult to mess up a cover photo of Kurt Cobain and terrible lay out.

    I realise its much to late to do anything about this.

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