This might be a one-off, or it might turn into an occasional series. It’s a series that will require a fair bit of digging and research and there will be extended periods of time when I can’t be bothered with that. But, as with everything else, the dancefloor is open to anyone wanting to try similar via a guest posting.

Weapon of Choice was a Top 10 hit for Fatboy Slim back in 2001.

mp3: Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice

I was sure it had reached #1, but that’s only on account of how often the video was aired at the time. And quite rightly so, as Spike Jonze‘s direction of Christopher Walken shaking his thang in the Marriot Hotel in Los Angeles is a magnificent few minutes of footage that picked up all sorts of awards in due course.

I’ll pick up now from wiki:-

“Weapon of Choice” features Parliament-Funkadelic and Bootsy’s Rubber Band bassist Bootsy Collins, who provides the lead vocals. On the album version, Collins’s normal vocals are heard through the right audio channel; the same vocals, distorted to a much deeper pitch, are heard through the left. The song features a prominent sample of Sly & the Family Stone’s 1968 song “Into My Own Thing”, as well as samples from “All Strung Out Over You” by The Chambers Brothers and “Word Play” by The X-Ecutioners.

The chorus of the song, “You could blow with this, or you could blow with that…”, is a homage to the Black Sheep song “The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)”, which features a similar chorus.

And here comes the breakdown.

Into My Own Thing was the fifth track on Side A of the album Life. The opening notes will be instantly recognisable to those only familiar with Fatboy Slim.

mp3: Sly and The Family Stone – Into My Own Thing

All Strung Out Over You was a modest hit single for The Chambers Brothers in 1967. It was also the opening track on Side A of the album The Time Has Come. It’s this tune that provides the initial tempo and rhythm for Weapon of Choice.

mp3: The Chambers Brothers – All Strung Out Over You

The X-Ecutioners are New York-based hip hop DJs/turntablists and Word Play appears on their debut album, X-Pressions that was released in 1997. There’s a number of samples to be found on the Fatboy Slim single, including the lyric about funk getting your teeth smoked.

mp3: The X-Ecutioners – Word Play

As mentioned earlier, the chorus is based on The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) a song released in 1991 by NYC-based hip-hop act, Black Sheep, that was a single and a track on their debut album A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.  The Choice Is Yours itself relied on a number of samples, – “Keep on Doin’ It” by The New Birth, “Her Favorite Style” by Iron Butterfly, “Big Sur Suite” by Johnny Hammond Smith, “Impressions” by McCoy Tyner, and “I’d Say It Again” by Sweet Linda Divine. But I ain’t going there.

mp3: Black Sheep – The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)

Anyone got suggestions on what track to break down next time around? Or, even better, does anyone want to have a go at it??



  1. Good idea for a series. I did this to Loaded back in March. There was a really good post about Theme From S’Express at A History Of Dubious Taste that posted all the samples sued to make that record.

  2. I wouldn’t recommend anyone does this with The Avalanches’ Since I Left You album. Well north of 1,000 samples – could be a lifetime’s work chronicling that!

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