This one is for my good pal Jonny the Friendly Lawyer.

Today should have seen myself and Rachel boarding a plane to head over to Los Angeles to be the guests of him and his wife, Goldie.  There were all sorts of plans in place, including a Flaming Lips gig and dinner in a restaurant highly recommended by SWC.  Oh, and I would have celebrated my 57th birthday over there.

But for now, it’s all very much on hold.

A recent posting highlighted some Peel Session versions of songs by PJ Harvey, and in it I recalled that I had first heard Water courtesy of a cassette giveaway with a music magazine.

I also mentioned all the other acts that had been included on the cassette and it was that fact which prompted Jonny to say ‘sounds like a hell of a cassette’.

Radio Daze was given away with the May 1992 edition of Vox Magazine.  I was never really one for keeping old music papers or mags, so it has long been part of a landfill just outside of Glasgow. The cover looked like this:-

Given there was an ‘exclusive’ story on The Jam and a feature on The Cure, I’d likely have bought it notwithstanding the tape offered up these:-

A1: The Cure – 10:15 Saturday Night (broadcast 11 December 1978)
A2: Madness – The Prince (broadcast 27 August 1979)
A3: Happy Mondays – Mad Cyril (broadcast 27 February 1989)
A4: Babes In Toyland – Catatonic (broadcast 29 September 1990)
A5: Buzzcocks – What Do I Get? (broadcast 19 September 1977)
A6: Chicken Shack – I’d Rather Go Blind (broadcast 22 June 1969)
A7: The Undertones – Love Parade (broadcast 7 December 1982)
A8: Billy Bragg – A13 (broadcast 3 August 1983)

B1: Syd Barrett – Gigolo Aunt (broadcast 14 March 1970)
B2: The Only Ones – The Beast (broadcast 14 April 1978)
B3: The Fall – Return (broadcast 15 February 1992)
B4: PJ Harvey – Water (broadcast 3 November 1991)
B5: Inspiral Carpets – Beast Inside (broadcast 5 June 1990)
B6: The Birthday Party – Big Jesus Trash Can (broadcast 10 December 1981)
B7: The Damned – Neat Neat Neat (broadcast 10 December 1976)

Copies of the tape can be found on Discogs from as little as 99p each, although someone in the USA is asking for $30 to part with his copy.



  1. Pretty sure this one was in the “Loft” pile as opposed to the “Landfill” pile in the Great Cassette Cull of c. 2002. Worth knowing if I’m ever stuck for 99p.

  2. I had this one too. Probably still got it somewhere. It was the first time I’d heard the Birthday Party, and that version of Big Jesus Trash Can still trounces the proper studio version every time.

  3. Worth it for ‘Catatonic’ alone. Sorry yourself and
    Mrs V have had to postpone the trip, JC.

  4. Well, this is a pleasant wake up! And It really is a hell of a collection.
    Don’t worry, JC, we’ll be honored to have the Duke and Duchess of Glasgow as soon as circumstances permit.

  5. This was a great compilation of John Peel session tracks and I remember buying the magazine and enjoying pkaying the cassette. The following year I bought a’In Session Tonight’ a book about the Peel sessions with an exhaustive list as the appendix. What was really good was that included with the book was a cd compilation of tracks, although much to my initial dismay it was the same tracks as Radio Daze, with one exception, but assembled in a different order. The exception was the inclusion of ‘Kimble’ by The Fall instead of their ‘Return’.

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