The Motorcycle Boy formed in 1987 in Edinburgh with Alex Taylor (vocals, formerly of The Shop Assistants) along with Paul McDermott (drums), Michael Kerr (guitar), and Eddy Connelly (bass) (all formerly of Meat Whiplash), and David Scott (guitar).

Their pedigree was such that they were signed by Rough Trade for whom there was a debut single, Big Rock Candy Mountain, at which point the majors, the shape of Chrysalis Records, came calling.  Two singles saw the light of day in 1989, Trying To Be Kind, and You And Me Against The World, neither of which charted.  As is so often the case in such circumstances, the label got cold feet and chose not to release the already recorded debut album and quietly dropped the band from the roster.

Undeterred, the band, or what was left of them as there had been a bit in-fighting in the wake of the Chrysalis debacle, went with their own label in 1990, Nymphaea Pink, on which there were two singles before they called it a day.

It is one of the great mysteries why The Motorcycle Boy never made any commercial breakthrough.  All five of their singles are excellent listens, as too is that long-lost debut album – Scarlet – which was finally issued by a small Scottish indie label, Forgotten Astronaut, in late 2019.

The label and the release was the brainchild of the above-mentioned Michael Kerr.  He must have been delighted that the initial run of 1,000 – consisting of 500 vinyl and 500 CDs – sold out almost immediately.

I’ve previously featured the Rough Trade and Chrysalis singles on previous postings.  So, here’s the two singles from 1990:-

mp3: The Motorcycle Boy – The Road Goes On Forever
mp3: The Motorcycle Boy – Here She Comes



  1. I downloaded a copy of the album from some long forgotten blog many years ago. Didn’t know it had finally been officially released – so I missed it! Love the stuff and didn’t have the two singles great thanks for posting. Alex had such a distinctive voice. Still listen to the Shop Assistants album regularly.

  2. I agree, by all rights, The Motorcycle Boy should have been successful. Pat Collier sprinkled some of the same magic he had over The Darling Buds, House of Love, even Robyn Hitchcock and Katrina and The Waves. Listening to Scarlett is really a pleasure.

  3. Loved them – saw them at King Tuts in 89 or 90 – there was literally about 10 folk there….me and my mate flogged around on the dance floor which probably kept the band entertained lol

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