45 45s @ 45 : SWC STYLE (Part 14)


32 – Heartburn Destination – Dracula Legs (2014 Too Pure Records)

Released as a single March 2014 – Unknown Chart Position

I’ve told some of this story before. A few years back I had to pop over to a place called Dayton, which is a city in Ohio (and the birthplace of Kim Deal, Pixies fans) for a few days. I arrived around 10pm in the evening and after a quick pit stop at a bar for a spot of dinner I end up at my hotel. The hotel is ok, its downtown and in a relatively nice area. I decide that having been up for about 26 hours, I should try and get some sleep.

Try as I like, I can’t, as the moody bloke from Faithless, sang, get no sleep. For two hours I look out of the window at my surroundings, I take a few photos out of the window of things like traffic lights, a passing truck, I unfold and refold my tshirts and I still refuse to feel tired.

I think about going for a walk, but as I get to the hotel door I see a police car tear along the road and I think better of it. So I check out the hotel, the pool and gym are both shut. The lounge reserved for residents is pitch black. There is a small bar downstairs, which is empty, but open. I ordered a rum and coke and watch what I assume is a re run of baseball game (one of the teams are the Cubs). By now it’s about one am, still not tired (on reflection I was massively over tired). It was then I spotted the staircase.

When I’m away from home I tend to take a running kit with me. Running is a great way to see a city, especially if it is just waking up. However, in my sleep deprived state, call it delirium if you like, I thought for some reason at one thirty in the morning, it would be a really good idea to change into my running gear and run up and down the fire escape stairs in this hotel.

So that is what I did. There were eight floors, twenty four flights of stairs, and at first slowly I begun to trot up and down them. By the fourth loop I’d got the time down to just under 5 minutes. I was having fun. Then the somewhere between the fifth and sixth floor I was told to knock it off by the night duty security guard.

He marched me back to my room – gave me the number for room service, and wished me good night. I switched on my ipod and within an hour I fell asleep, which I probably should have done about five hours ago. The first song I heard was ‘Heartburn Destination’ by Dracula Legs.

Dracula Legs are a five piece band from London who burst out of nowhere back in 2014. They play a brand of indie rock that I once described as sounding like the kind of music that Nick Cave would make if he moved to countryside and took up organic gardening. I’m still not quite sure what I meant by that but I stand by it, because that it is what it sounds like. A rollicking four minute rockabilly indie stomper. The organic gardening analogy sounds better I think.

The single was backed with this

Cold Licks





One thought on “45 45s @ 45 : SWC STYLE (Part 14)

  1. That’s a really apt description of an awesome song. I can’t find a thing about the band online. They don’t have a website. Not sure they have an album. And they may be from London but they sure sound American. Any more Info, SWC?

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