Here’s my second look back at stuff bought and enjoyed immensely in 2019, featuring a Glasgow-based musician, and his friends, whom I gave a couple of mentions to last year, one of which came via a wonderfully composed guest contribution, courtesy of strangeways.

As was explained, The Affectionate Punch is a Glasgow-based ‘thing’ – yes, they’re a band, but no, they don’t tour – and probably they’re best described, really, as ‘a project’. All sorts of music influence the songs that eventually emerge – indie, twee and shoegaze are, perhaps, the biggest influences – with guitars, keyboards, loops and samples all deployed to great effect along with guest vocal contributions from friends in Scotland, England and the USA.

All the songs are released digitally on bandcamp, with one full-length album and three EPs available right here.

One of my favourite bits of music throughout 2019 appeared on the Bittersweet Me EP, which TAP released at the beginning of December, something that is wonderfully multi-layered and finds our project leader channeling his inner Robin Guthrie.

mp3 : The Affectionate Punch – Betwixt and Between

The other three tracks are equally good. Don’t take my word for it….visit the bandcamp page and listen for yourself.



2 thoughts on “STUFF BOUGHT IN 2019 (2)

  1. Knowing TAP as I do, I think your Robin Guthrie
    comment will have elicited several somersaults, JC…

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