Jennifer we can’t go wrong let’s put it in writing
Jennifer we can’t go wrong let’s do it right now
Maybe you were a little hasty
But they say love is blind

Now her name’s on you
Jennifer in blue

Did you ever have a bad dream wake up and it not stop?
Did you ever feel for a girl for a time and then stop?
Well it’s written there in blue
With a heart and arrow through

Her name on you
Jennifer in blue

Oh, forever you said that’s forever you said
And forever she said that’s forever she said

But you change with the weather
And this is the rain

It’s just a little bit too simple to feature in the great short stories series, but I really love the sentiments, especially when you recall it was written and recorded in 1987 at a time when tattoos were incredibly unfashionable, with all the parlours located in the dodgiest and crime-ridden corners of towns and cities. There really was nothing more ridiculous or stupid than getting the name of your current or latest flame embellished in blue ink on your skin.

It’s also one of the most upbeat and most sing-along of all the Commotions songs:-

mp3 : Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Jennifer She Said

It was released as a single in the first week of January 1988, climbing to #31 before the month was out.

The 12” version had three other tracks – a re-recorded version of a song from Easy Pieces along with a couple of covers, both recorded live in New York City in April 1986:-

mp3 : Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Perfect Blue
mp3 : Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Mystery Train
mp3 : Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – I Don’t Believe You

The former dated back to 1953 when it was first recorded by its composer, Junior Parker. It’s most famous version is that recorded in 1955 by Elvis Presley and considered to be the tune that first got him noticed outside of his home state.

The latter is a Bob Dylan number, written and recorded as I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met), one of the tracks in the 1964 album, Another Side of Bob Dylan.

Jennifer is a song that Lloyd Cole has included, dropped and re-instated into his live sets over the years. It’s long been a favourite among fans.


4 thoughts on “LET’S GET TATTOOS

  1. I just love the last 2 lines “you change with the weather….” . There is an early / alternative version that appeared on I think the Commotions box set. It’s good but does show how a decent production can lift a song to another level

  2. Just saw Lloyd and Neil Clark here in Brisbane on Sunday night. They were spry! Neil really attacks his acoustic guitar!! A terrific version of Jennifer She Said was offered.
    And, probably joking (but maybe not) Lloyd mentioned spotting Robert Forster’s son in the street that day.

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