Here’s some good news to brighten up a November morning.

Butcher Boy have been back in the studio in recent times, working on new material that could see the light of day in 2020. If so, it will be the first release since the Bad Things Happen When It’s Quiet EP that was issued by Damaged Goods on Record Store Day 2017 – Saturday 22 April – which itself was the first new material in six years.

The 2017 EP consisted of three songs which made up a three-part story told from three perspectives. It was an ambitious effort, with singer/songwriter John Blain Hunt taking his inspiration from what he had seen in his surroundings during some holidays to the Cape Cod area of the USA to which he applied his own fabulous imagination and story-telling skills to compose three faultless tunes that brought out the very best in his long-time bandmates together with a guest vocal from Anna Miles, a mainstay of the music and broadcasting scene in Glasgow. I’ve long wanted to feature the three tracks but have held off on account of it still being available from the website of the record label and my fear that I would be posting them as a eulogy for one of my favourite bands. The news of new material coming over the horizon has changed things:-

mp3 : Butcher Boy – November 1947, Storm Warning In Effect
mp3 : Butcher Boy – July 1950, The Captain is the Whale
mp3 : Butcher Boy – November 1951, Bad Things Happen When It’s Quiet

Butcher Boy have always made music that is a cut above the ordinary, but the ambition of these three songs really was on another level. The only sad thing, from a selfish point of view, is that the band haven’t ever aired them in the live setting beyond the one gig, held on Record Store Day 2017, in the unlikely setting of a disused swimming pool in a socially challenged community in Glasgow. It was a show that was very special in terms of location but it provided a unique set of challenges in terms of a live sound given the size, dimensions and acoustics of the venue – the band were set-up in what was the deep end of the pool with the audience sitting high above them.

It really would have been wonderful to hear things in a ‘proper’ venue whose acoustics were better suited to the music – maybe next year, although I’m reliably informed that with it being a logistical nightmare to get everyone together in one place at the one time, there are currently no plans for live gigs to accompany any future physical releases.



  1. I had heard whipsers that recording was afoot. I wonder when these new recordings will actually surface? Perhaps Record ‘Shop’ Day, 2020?

    Butcher Boy could always pull-off a damn fine melody, but the ante was upped quite considerably on Bad Things Happen When It’s Quiet, with the inclusion of Anna Miles’ vocals.

    Anna, much like Mr Cole, is an honorary Glaswegian/Scot who has enhanced the music scene that she orbits. I do hope she appears on these new Butcher Boy recordings.

  2. For no good reason, my copy is sat on top of my hi-fi’s
    speaker (the left one). Glad to hear BB are bb-back.

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