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The Laughing Apple was centered around a couple of youthful Scots who relocated to London in June of 1980 prior to forming a new band. Bassist Alan McGee and guitarist Andrew Innes had played in a couple of outfits while still in Scotland, including H20 and Newspeak. In their new confines as Laughing Apple, they self-released the three-song Ha Ha Hee Hee single in March of 1981 on Autonomy. Their second single, Participate, was issued a couple months later. They broke up in short time, with most of the members going on to bigger and better things. McGee eventually joined Biff Bang Pow! and began the fledgling Creation label until it struck paydirt in the ’90s. Drummer Ken Popple and second guitarist Dick Green also joined McGee in the band, with the latter of the two also becoming McGee’s right hand man with Creation. Innes went on to record for Creation with Revolving Paint Dream and Primal Scream.

A glance at Discogs will reveal that The Laughing Apple released three singles during their short existence, along with flexi-disc on which they shared time and space with The Pastels. This is the second of the singles. It’s better than you would imagine……

mp3 : The Laughing Apple – Participate!

The sleeve for this single was designed by none other than Bobby Gillespie.



  1. Hmm…sounds like the boys had The Cure on heavy rotation when they wrote that one. Weird bass sound from McGee; fretless with a pick, or just sliding up to the frets? Anyway, an interesting curiosity. Thanks, JC, you’re a goldmine!

  2. I really like the rawness of this. If I were sitting in a pub and the band began to play something akin to this I would take notice, I’d participate. Superb ending.

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