Bill Drummond was/is part of The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu. And that’s justifiable enough in my book for this to appear today-

mp3 : The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu – Whitney Joins The J.A.Ms

Wiki does its best to describe it:-

The 7-minute song is progressive, funky house, and an early example of a mash-up. It opens with quiet synthesiser drones and cymbal percussion which are soon joined by the markedly louder Mission: Impossible theme. Drummond says “‘Mission impossible’ we were told, she’ll never join The JAMs”, a point answered by power chords sampled from Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”. Drummond then begs and pleads to Whitney for around ninety seconds before the first strains of her voice can be heard. Drummond sounds ecstatic, proclaiming “Whitney Houston joins The JAMs!” and “I’m yours!”.

The song develops to sample full sections of Houstons’s chorus, alternating these with increasingly pronounced guitar work taken from Isaac Hayes’ distinctive Shaft theme and portions of the Mission: Impossible theme complemented by piano work. Ultimately the track descends into an unrhythmic cacophony of samples.

I love it.  Not sure I’ve the courage to ever air it at a Simply Thrilled night mind you…..



  1. I guarantee it would go down well. Never failed for me even with the most pofaced punters.

    I am in disagreement about it being a Scottish single though. Like that BBC documentary Rip It Up, it seems a bit desperate claiming the JAMS/KLF, we have more than enough genuine brilliant Scottish groups/artist.

  2. Since you posted this semi-legendary mashup I actually listened to (didn’t download, though) a track on TNVV for the first time in countless years! Er, what a mess that was. Not as inspiring as some of the KLF’s best, but a cheeky bit of illicit fun, I guess. In the last minute, I had more fun by singing “ show, show, show, show. Show, show, show, showing out…showing out” along with the track. Just saying it would fit right in! My guess is that their use of the distinctive Lalo Schifrin “Mission Impossible” theme motif was probably an influence on Electribe 101’s amazing “ Talking With Myself,” out the next year.

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