Mighty Mighty are another of the bands who previously featured courtesy of the Cherry Red C86 compilation a few years back.

As I said when I posted the single Everybody Knows The Monkey/You’re On My Mind, it was a source of huge enjoyment and I made a mental note to try and pick up any other stuff if the opportunity arose.

It’s only taken the best part of four years, but I’ve now a 12″ EP in the collection, dating from 1988 and what appears to be their farewell release before breaking up (certainly if the chronology over on Discogs is accurate). The lead track is an absolute gem:-

mp3 : Mighty Mighty – Maisonette
mp3 : Mighty Mighty – Positively Sesame Street
mp3 : Mighty Mighty – Precious Moments
mp3 : Mighty Mighty – Loose End

Actually….all four cuts are hugely enjoyable in different ways, but it really is disappointing to realise, more than 30 years on,that something as jaunty and politically astute as Maisonette got absolutely nowhere other than #8 in the indie charts.

Turns out there was a promo made for Maisonette….and the band look nothing like I imagined!!!!

There’s actually a little snippet of music after the four tracks, less than 30 seconds in length, which doesn’t seem to have any links to the others….but those with a deeper knowledge of the band might be able to explain.

mp3 : Mighty Mighty – Hidden Burst of Music




  1. That was ace – thanks for the introduction, JC.

    Great video too.

    For anyone in the market for an in-joke: Mighty
    Mighty enjoyed partying with Hue from The Pooh
    Sticks, although he did rather suspect the relationship
    was based around a dastardly plan to acquire his guitar…

  2. Fantastic pick, JC. I suppose Mighty Mighty is considered one of the minor players on NME’s C86, but I just love them. I have this single as a 7″, and it doesn’t have that strange 30-second snippet you mention. That’s a mystery I plan to investigate. If I can only listen to one song by this band, it’s gotta be Throwaway. In honor of your post today, I have just reloaded the song here:

  3. I had Everybody Knows The Monkey on a tape someone made me but I never had the inlay card so never knew who it was – thank you for putting that mystery to bed!

    I have just checked them out on Spotify (sorry) and there’s a 36 song collection, so that’s today’s listening sorted out, followed by a look on Discogs….

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