January 2018 was when I posted Delilah Sands by The Brilliant Corners. It was my introduction to the band and at the end of the piece I made a plea for an ICA on account of how much I had enjoyed this initial exposure.

The challenge was taken up by Eric from Oakland. He began what was an outstanding effort with the following words:-

I really struggled between two concepts on this one. Career retrospective, or just my favorite songs? The first record I have is Growing Up Absurd, so I never really listened to the first 3 singles (She’s Got a Fever, Big Hip, and My Baby in Black) before this week. Then there is a clear point in 1989 when the sound changes considerably (most notably by the absence of trumpet). While there are some good post-trumpet songs, none of it would make it into my top 10. In the end I decided that this ICA would be the ICA of The Brilliant Corners as I remember them – ‘85-88′.

A while back, I found while browsing the second-hand record store a slightly tattered copy of one of the early singles that Eric hadn’t really listened to. It was the band’s sophomore effort, on their very own SS20 Records. The reverse of the sleeve makes for a fun read (although I have no idea what line three is referring to!!):-

Well here we are again, four red-eyed gookies with treats galore!
Here to speculate and emancipate (an unhappy pastime if ever there was)
Here to shake the coxa, bong the breeble, and go-go C.P
Trash it!!
BIG HIP hands helping (ho hum) ‘trust me’ he says.
Rasping, violent, beautiful, incoherent.
And for diversity a chocolate head Everly TANGLED UP IN BLUE.
Let lovers lie (dead) said the boy
But remember, if these grooves fail you,
take it and throw it at the fanatical diplomat,
and be sure we are happy!
Keep close to the pavement.


mp3 : The Brilliant Corners – Big Hip
mp3 : The Brilliant Corners – Tangled Up In Blue

The two tracks, between them, last a combined 4 mins and 21 seconds. which means a fraction just under a pound per minute for my tattered copy.  Still decent value if you want my opinion.



  1. Confess that TBC completely passed me by. However we did see Karen supporting the Blue Aeroplanes at the back end of last year. They feature at least one former BC, singer/guitarist Davey Woodward, and there’s an EP out, Filwood Broadway, which is great.

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