8 thoughts on “MONDAY MORNING….COMING DOWN (10)

  1. This gorgeous version of Song to the Siren is by far one of the most significant records in my collection.

    On release I purchased the 12″ from Virgin Megastore (I think?). I placed it on the turntable- left the arm to the right and allowed the song to play repeatedly for at least an hour. I cried. I cried tears of joy. Even now after so many years this song can and often does make me cry. I do think the repeated play ensured that my close neighbours hated me.

    Often curious as to what a b-side might offer but not too fussed on this occasion – given the stature of the a-side – my wee legs went to jelly on hearing Sixteen Days – Gathering Dust. This was am epic soundscape that I lost myself in. It was now official my neighbours really did hate me.

    Years later, when running a wee club night with 2 pals, I played this and ran immediately to the dance floor. It’s a life highlight.

    Given the consistent number of stunning songs realeased by This Mortal Coil it’s sad in a away that nothing ever came close to the beauty of Song to the Siren / Sixteen Days – Gathering Dust.

    I admire the brevity of text provided by JC on this occasion. No words could ever properly describe this version of Song to the Siren. Thank you for this post it really has made my day.

  2. As stunning as this was, I was surprised when Bryan Ferry also covered this 27 years later and also did a fantastic job of it. His will always be #2, but it’s a strong #2!

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