There are days when I just want to wake up to something upbeat and glorious…..something which makes me think of sunshine and summertime and not the bleak midwinter that I’m looking out onto when I pull back the curtain, wondering whether I’m going to get down the hill to the railway station with falling over and possibly breaking my ankle, all the while wondering how late and overcrowded the train will be.

I played this on such a day last week and felt a whole lot better:-

mp3 : Chic – Everybody Dance (12” mix)

Takes me back to Sunday nights in a draughty church hall. I might have been happier in the bedroom that I shared with my brothers listening to my new wave 45s, but you had to get yourself down and on the floor of St Joe’s if you wanted the girls to take notice of you.

I didn’t know until gathering some background info that the tune had supposedly been borrowed somewhat by a Welsh beat combo on a single released in 2010:-

mp3 : Manic Street Preachers – (It’s Not War) Just the End of Love

Hmmm…there is a bit at the start where it can’t be denied, but it’s not a blatant rip-off is it?



  1. Two great tunes! Definitely a cure for the winter blues. I don’t think the MSP’s is a blatant rip-off either, just proof that more than one person can have the very same ideas about what sounds good?

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