Today’s offering comes via a download from somewhere else a few years ago….where and when I can’t say for certain – having noted the track was from the late 80s by an Edinburgh band I had never heard of, I shoved it onto the hard drive.

To be honest, I wasn’t too enamoured by it, being very much of its time….synth-pop that’s very easy on the ear. Kind of appealing to fans of Danny Wilson was the thought. Or indeed those who love Jordan The Comeback by Prefab Sprout, the sort of sound that didn’t annoy me so much that I’d delete the file.

Doing a bit of research for this posting and it turns out that Indian Givers did support Danny Wilson on one of their major UK tours and so are perhaps remembered by some. The band consisted of Nigel Sleaford, Simon Fraser and Avril Jamieson. They were signed to Virgin Records and released two singles and an album over the summer of 1989, follwoing which they seemed to just disappear….there’s certainly not too much out there about them.

This was their debut single and the pic above is the reverse of its picture sleeve.

mp3 : Indian Givers – Hatcheck Girl



  1. Indeed it does Jane.

    As I said, not one that I wanted to delete but not enough in it to make me want to check further.

  2. I went to see Danny Wilson with The Indian Givers supporting. Already loved Danny Wilson and came away from the gig to buy everything by The Indian Givers. So spot on for genre. Still listen to the album pretty regularly but I am a sucker for that type of music!

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