My only legitimate excuse is that I spend so much faffing about on here sorting out so much old music that I naturally will miss out on all that’s fresh and good.

About four weeks ago, I had thought 2018 had been a quiet year for decent music, based on how little I had actually purchased.  As ever, I did hang off getting hold of everything as there always needs to be a list given to Mrs Villain  for Christmas and the 5 albums of booty from that were duly received.  But having compiled said list from stuff that I knew, I found myself reading a few of the end of year round ups (especially those over at The Sound Of Being OK) at which point I realised just how much I missed out on.  There was a post-Xmas trip to Fopp Records in Glasgow with the intention to pick up a few things and I ended spending an absolute fortune.

I’m now ploughing my way through everything and the idea of this short and occasional series will be to highlight those bands that I’m ashamed to have neglected previously.

I’m starting with Dream Wife whose self-titled debut album was released as far back as January 2018….and I’m completely at a loss as to how I missed out.

TSOBO said this about them:-

At the end of last year (2017) I was about to proclaim that guitar music was dead. Stone Cold Dead. Last year there were about two good records made by guitar bands, about seven by bands with keyboards and about twenty by rappers. This year that trend appears to have reversed itself and right at the start of the year Dream Wife exploded into our lives.

In January Dream Wife dropped their self titled debut album and it made those short dark evenings, those dreary rain sodden evenings just absolutely fly by. They were cool, they were exciting and almost singlehandedly they injected some adrenaline into the veins of guitar music.

The thing about Dream Wife is that the three of them are best friends, and when they recorded this album they sound like they are having the times of their absolute lives. The fact that they are making songs that amazing just adds to the brilliance of it.

I’m going to go with a slightly obvious comparison here, but you will need to close your eyes and cast your mind back. Remember the first time you heard ‘Cannonball’ by The Breeders. Remember how your hairs on your arm stood up and you asked yourself ‘what the hell was that?’ and then spent the rest of the day playing it to absolute death. You remember that. Well that’s what I felt like when I heard ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ by Dream Wife. Even though it contains handclaps.

Dream Wife take all the best bits of timeless indie pop, throw in some attitude lifted almost directly from the days of L7 or Bikini Kill add a bit of colour and then sprinkle brilliance over the top of it. The end result is utterly brilliant.

I listened to the three songs accompanying the review and was blown away.  It was that record alone that led to me making the trip into Fopp and I was stunned to find that copies of the album, on vinyl, were down to £10. It has proved to be the best bargain I’ve had in decades.

Dream Wife is an astounding record. In addition to the bands referenced in the TSOBO review you can add Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Le Tigre, Blondie, Kenickie and Elastica as influences while having bringing a passion and energy that had me harking back to the new wave era of my late teens and early 20s.  They’ve also written what surely is the anthem for the #metoo movement:-

mp3 : Dream Wife – Somebody

Like most ‘new’ bands, there loads of stuff to look at over at Vevo and You Tube, including plenty of live clips which provide evidence that the trio (plus male drummer) can rock with the best of them.  Seek them out and enjoy.




  1. Thanks JC – a new band for me too. Really enjoyed the read and, of course, the listen.

  2. Ach, do try to keep up, JC. I saw them live more than 6 months ago! 😉

    Like the album – for me the real keeper is Hey, Heartbreaker.

    Live they were just … more. Think the LP by and large goes as far as I’d like them to although to be fair FUU was pretty epic.

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