I’ve no football match today, so here’s a bonus posting.

Santa Claus was very very good to me. Mrs Villain scoured e-bay for something unusual, and a box of 7″ singles from Altered Images/Edwyn Collins/Orange Juice ended up coming down the chimney in the old man’s sack. A total of 30 records going back to the Postcard era and containing a few rare gems such as flexidiscs and a Clare Grogan solo single.*

And now that I’ve got my act together and sorted out a replacement stylus for the USB Turntable, I thought I’d share one of the more rare recordings with you.

It’s a very early solo single from 1987 , produced by Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins. Like so many songs I end up posting on this blog, it should have been a hit…..but wasn’t.

mp3 : Edwyn Collins – Don’t Shilly Shally (Side One)
mp3 : Edwyn Collins – If Ever You’re Ready (Side Two)

The single is on the Elevation label (part of WEA Records) and has the catalogue number ACID4.

*from recollection, the job lot was a little over £30, including postage.  The mania from a vinyl revival was still a couple of years off…’d certainly be looking at £100 and upwards nowadays….there were three postcard singles in the bundle along with every 7″, in mint condition, released by Altered Images, including rare picture discs.


5 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVES – 6 JANUARY 2007

  1. I had just listened to this song for the first time as I’ve been making my way through the track list for the (just announced) Scottish box set on Cherry Red, “Big Gold Dreams.”

  2. This was a dream ticket for me. Shame it didn’t continue. I imagine for Edwyn watching Robin Guthrie at the controls was the same revelation as the Rolling Stones watching Lennon and McCartney finish writing I Wanna Be Your Man, “That didn’t look hard – I’ll have a go myself!”

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