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Today’s contributor is a long-time friend, someone whom I’ve gotten to know through a kindred love for Raith Rovers FC.  I’m on my second season in carrying out the matchday announcements and providing the pre-match music but Davie has been a stalwart of Raith TV for years, giving very freely of his time to do matchday commentaries and carry out interviews for an on-line service which is the envy of many a big and highly-financed club.

The following words come direct from a Facebook posting, written on the back of last week’s gig by Johnny Marr at the Glasgow Barrowlands. My thanks to Davie and his daughter Molly for allowing me to use them on this little corner of the internet….

A long post but we wanted to show the upswing of the VIP process that is priceless as without it this couldn’t have happened…..

On Thursday night I was able accompany my daughter to meet Johnny, the wonderful Union people were fantastic calling me to arrange after it from the USA. I needed permission to help her as she has a complex set of additional support needs (she hates the “D” word); her preference at home is to call her unique.

Aged 17 she tips the tape measure at 4’7″ with the world keen to remind her of her difference and what she can’t do each and every day and often.

However from the moment we entered the room Johnny filled her with confidence, from shadow boxing to telling her to pose like they were in a band together it was indeed Marrvellous.

First line “Hey my friend what’s your name…and how old are you?” She replies and says “I am 17” Johnny stands back weighs up what he sees and replies “you know it’s a little ones are definitely coolest.” They then went on to chat about guitars being cooler than drums, an interaction when she told him he stuck his tongue out at her at a previous show and football (Johnny playing along that he now supports Raith Rovers)

Fast forward to the inevitable next “episode” at school or in the community, and she has rehearsed that I’m not going to need to rescue her as “next time” her tears wont be there. I asked her why not…..”well, Johnny Marr thinks I am cool”

Over a 10 year period volunteering with my local football team I have interviewed 100 plus football players, managers, musicians, singers, authors, actors and politicians including a prime minister. I just don’t do nerves meeting people however I was star struck, it meant that much. My own lasting memory will be getting told told “you’re doing great, look after her.”

A wee funny offshoot is that we had to head to the guitar shop before the match today to buy light gauge strings and a capo as Johnny said they will be easier to play on the guitar that hasn’t been touched for 10 years. It wasn’t touched as she “would never be able to play it, you know because of my issues..” but since Thursday night………

Thanks to Aly and Ory too for badges and their company.


Oh, and for a wonderful review of the gig, look no further than here which is Craig‘s take on it at Plain or Pan.

mp3 : Johnny Marr – Bigmouth Strikes Again (live)
mp3 : Johnny Marr – The Messenger

12 thoughts on “JOHNNY MARRVELLOUS

  1. Johnny came to our protest a couple of years ago against Trafford council who wanted to cut bus services for kids with SEND to and from school. This affected my son (and Johnny’s neice). He’s one of the good guys.

  2. What a lovely post. When Johnny Marr thinks you’re cool – you’re definitely cool. Thanks for sharing. Cheered up a lot of Mondays, I’m sure.

  3. Was a bit disappointed to see that Johnny was charging extra to do the “VIP” thing. Thought it was a bit “who does he think he is”. Reading this I have changed my mind. Lovely story

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