Today’s offering is another that comes courtesy of a track being included on the CDs sent over a few years ago by long-time reader, Phil Hogarth.

The singer being featured has been a mainstay of the Scottish music scene for more than 30 years, but isn’t someone whose music has ever appealed to me that much, thus me not having anything beyond that provide by Phil.

Here’s a bio pulled together from a number of sites:-

Horse (born Sheena Mary McDonald, 22 November 1958 in Newport on Tay, Fife, Scotland) is a Scottish female singer-songwriter. She released her first single with the band Astrakhan in 1985, and has recorded eight albums to date. The first two records were made with the band ‘Horse’, and her subsequent releases have been as a solo artist.

One Scottish newspaper referred to her as “one of Scotland’s all-time great vocalists, also possessed of a keen songwriting intelligence”. Her UK and European tours tend to sell well, thanks to a fairly dedicated fan base and also for the fact that some of her songs have been recorded by mainstream artists such as Will Young and Jennifer Rush. Her shows in Glasgow always seem to do well, including sell-outs of iconic venues such as the Barrowlands which was the scene of a one-off show with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, in March 2013, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of her best-known album, God’s Home Movie, released on MCA Records and which reached #42 in the UK charts

The track included on the CD by Phil is a single from 1989 and a track on the 1990 debut album, The Same Sky:-

mp3 : Horse – You Could Be Forgiven


3 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SONG : #138 : HORSE

  1. I think I should note that this certain song was almost a classic radio favourite in the early 90’s in Greece! It brings back memories.

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