The above photo is the reverse of the sleeve for Chance Meeting, a single released by Josef K on Postcard Records in 1981 and given the catalogue number 81-5. If you look closely or indeed magnify it, you’ll see that the opportunity has been taken to list all the previous singles, along with their catalogue numbers, as well as the anticipated next release:-

81-6 : Orange Juice
Wan Light c/w You Old Eccentric

Only it never happened. It was meant to be a 45 with both sides devoted to James Kirk songs. The band sped off to Polydor before there was a chance to issue a fifth single for the Glasgow label; indeed there would be one further 45 ever released out of West Princes Street, Glasgow and that was 81-8 : Mattress Of Wire c/w Lost Outside The Tunnel by Aztec Camera just before they signed to Rough Trade.

Wan Light was later recorded for You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever, the debut album, but it’s likely that the Postcard single would have been more like the rough n ready demo version previously recorded or perhaps the version recorded for BBC Radio 1 and broadcast on the Richard Skinner Show in January 1991.

You Old Eccentric was later issued on the b-side of the 12″ version of Felicity, but again it’s likely that the Postcard version would be more similar to the version recorded for BBC Radio 1 and broadcast on the John Peel show in October 1980.

On that basis, and with thanks to Auntie Beeb, here is the Postcard single that never was, 81-6:-

mp3 : Orange Juice – Wan Light
mp3 : Orange Juice – You Old Eccentric



  1. Two wonderful songs…the album Ostricn Churchyard captures the “true” OJ for me. But these session versions are equally ace.

  2. I didn’t know it, but ironically, for me, ‘Wan Light’ is the most ‘Postcardy’ sounding Orange Juice track I’ve heard.

  3. Chaval,
    The only one i know of is the equally brilliant Six to Wan by Hugh Reed and the Velvet Underpants.

  4. Nice single, JC.

    And every other Ramones song is a Wan song as far as I’m concerned:

    I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You
    I Just Want To Have Something To Do
    I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
    I Wanna Be Well
    I Don’t Want To Grow Up
    I Don’t Want You
    I Don’t Wanna Go Down In The Basement
    I Wanna Live
    I Wanna Be Sedated
    I Wanted Everything
    I Don’t Want To Live This Life Anymore
    Any Way You Want It
    Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy
    Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
    We Want The Airwaves
    Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)
    Do You Wanna Dance?

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