The self-titled Grinderman debut album had been really well received by most folk, with many of the songs being a variation of one sort or the other on Get It On and No Pussy Blues.

There was, however,one song which could just about have got played on daytime radio, being as near to a pop record as Grinderman would ever get, including a sing-a-long chorus. Rather surprisingly, it was selected in April 20007 as the band’s third 45, and like the debut, in a single-sided limited edition 7″ vinyl format, perhaps in the hope of generating some radio exposure and further sales for the album:-

mp3 : Grinderman – (I Don’t Need You To) Set Me Free

Around this time, the members of Grinderman went into the studio along with the other Bad Seeds and quickly recorded what subsequently be the latter band’s fourteenth album Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! which was issued in early 2008.

Grinderman came out of the studio and onto the stage, making some live appearances in the UK before opening some high-profile US shows as the special guests of The White Stripes and then undertaking a theatre tour of Australia, opening for a Nick Cave ‘solo’ set, which consisted of the same band members.

And that was assumed to be that…a one-off 12 month project that had been fun for all concerned. How wrong we all were….


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