The first essential single of the solo era. Released on 12″ vinyl on the dance-orientated Interference imprint of his Belgian label, this was Paul Haig making a fabulous synth-driven pop song, with perfect backing vocals from Giles and Samantha of Hey! Elastica who were featured just a few weeks back in the Saturday series.

mp3 : Paul Haig – Blue For You
mp3 : Paul Haig – Blue For You (version)

It seemed really exotic to go into a Glasgow record shop to purchase a piece of vinyl pressed up in Belgium that featured musicians from Edinburgh. I still play this record on a regular basis these days.

Paul would later perform Blue For You in a very rare live TV performance. The backing vocals in this instance are from session singers:-

The song would later be re-recorded for Paul’s debut LP, but this early version is the definitive version.



  1. Paul Haig has always left me feeling conflicted. His vocal delivery is immediately distinctive (as it is on this track) but do I like it?

    He retains an almost punk-snarl post Joseph K and his sound is very much an extension of Scottish-white-boy-funk, albeit with lashings of synths at this stage. It’s not at all a million miles away from many other synth pop acts of the day and particularly akin, in many ways to Bill Nelson. Both just seemed to skirt the edges of pop stardom.

    Even with Big Blue World, his biggest pop moment, and with the assistance of Alan Rankine – he never quite crossed over. His influence remains palpable in alternative (and Scottish-alternative) music and I can understand why but listening to the track this morning the same feelings emerged. Maybe his post Joseph K days are not for me, but then … why do I keep listening?

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