30, 20, 10 (Part 16)

Those of you who have any interset in this series might recall that the indie charts in May 1988 were topped by an act which made a living out of sampling.  Three months on, they reached the pinnacle again, but this one is much trickier to recall in comparion to ‘Theme…’ :-

1 August 1988 : S’Express – Superfly Guy

Ten years on and a cover of a Womack and Womack song was #1 in the indie charts.

1 August 1998 : Lovestation – Teardrops

I’d never heard this till a few minutes ago.  It came out on a specialist dance label  – Fresh Records.  I include it under duress as it’s quite ghastly.

1 August 2008 : mp3 : Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris  – Dance Wiv Me

It was the middle of a seven week stay at the top of the chart….which means it will be featuing again next month…..except that I’m now killing the series.  It’s been a long time coming but this, the least ‘indie’ of the near 2,000 posts on this blog, has delivered the fatal blow.


4 thoughts on “30, 20, 10 (Part 16)

  1. Hadn’t heard the Lovestation cover of Teardrops before – thank you for that. My idea of what a cover version should be, rather than the myriad of covers which just have the vocalist sing verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slowly in a horrible voice.

  2. More than any other series, this one makes me feel old. For that reason I’m glad it’s stopping. It was nice to hear Superfly Guy again though – one I tend to forget about following the brilliance of its predecessor.

  3. I’ve liked this series although, and this really does make me feel old, I would’ve probably related even more to a 40, 30, 20…. though I realise there was no such thing as an official indie chart until 1980. Perhaps in two years’ time you could tackle that one!

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