Please don’t run away or be scared. This is actually an excellent piece of music.

mp3 : Lambchop – Up With People (edit)

It is a shortened version of one of the very fine tracks to be found on the LP Nixon released in 2000.

Lambchop has always had a fluid line-up from record to record dating back to their 1994 debut but always featuring the unique vocal talents of Kurt Wagner. Now I’m happy to admit that Kurt wont be everyone’s cup of tea – Mrs V for one cannot stand his singing rather cruelly likening when he goes high-pitched to Tiny Tim – but I’m a fan.

The two extra tracks on the CD single feature a remix by trip-hop/ambient duo Zero 7 and a cover of a track by the late Vic Chesnutt, an artist much admired by Michael Stipe.

mp3 : Lambchop – Up With People (Zero 7 remix)
mp3 : Lambchop – Miss Prissy

While Up With People is a fine enough single, I dont think its the best track on the LP. Have a listen to this:-

mp3 : Lambchop – Grumpus



  1. I run towards, rather than away from, this kind of thing. Spent my whole life running in the wrong direction.

  2. Great song. great album. Hard to believe it’s coming up for 20 years old. The Zero 7 remix is truly excellent. In fact my wife loves it!

  3. I was originally introduced to this song on an Uncut magazine cover mounted cd.
    When I read the title of the song I scratched my head and wondered why it was on there, my immediate association was that 70’s organization Up With People and all I could think was wow, whoever tracklisted this cd is going to for some odd and deep crate digging (I actually have that Up With People album from the 70’s).

  4. Pleasantly surprised by the reaction here. I have found that nothing divides our little community like ABC’s Lexicon of Love or anything by Lambchop.

  5. There a great live version on Oh Merge, the Merge Records compilation as well

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