30, 20, 10 (Parts 14 & 15)

I completely forgot about this series last month – what’s more disconcerting is that nobody dropped a line asking whatever happend to it!  It’s probably on its last legs…..but for now, here’s two months worth in one go.

1 June 1988 : mp3 : New Order – Blue Monday 88

As featured not long ago in the New Order singles series.  Not the best remix of the song but not the worst.

1 June 1998 : mp3 : The Tamperer featuring Maya – Feel It

An Italian dance music group consisting of Italian record producers Mario Fargetta and Alex Farolfi, and American singer Maya Days.

Feel It was their first release and it went massive right across European dance clubs in the summer of 98. Heavily reliant on a sample of a song by The Jacksons.

1 June 2008 : mp3 : The Pigeon Detectives – This Is An Emergency

Indie band from Leeds.  Formed in 2004 and still going strong today.  I’ve heard of them, but I’ve never knowingly heard any of their songs.  There’s only so many skinny boys with guitars that you can cope with in a lifetime before it gets dull and repetitive….but there will be folk of a younger ilk than me who will, rightly, be fond of this lot and laugh in my face with my championing of 80s stuff.  This one starts off a bit like Interpol and then gets a tad anthemic but I suppose it is easy to see why folk do like them.

1 July 1988 : mp3 : The Timelords – Doctorin’ The Tardis

Drummond and Cauty demonstrate how following a formula can get you a #1 hit….they even wrote a book about it and then got serious with The KLF.  Genius.

1 July 1998 : mp3 : Fatboy Slim – The Rockafeller Skank

One interesting point you may or may not know. Fatboy Slim got no royalties from this track, with the monies going to the writers of all the songs which had been sampled; then again, given how much he was coining in from the live appearances at the time, it wouldn’t have been too tough a situation to have been in.

1 July 2008 :  Sukie – Pink-A-Pade

Indie band from Kettering.  Formed in 2006. Looks like they released one single which went to #1 in the UK indie charts and then they broke up.  Had a listen to it on-line and wasn’t impressed enough to purchase it, so it’s a no-show here.


2 thoughts on “30, 20, 10 (Parts 14 & 15)

  1. The Pigeon Detectives are a band that slipped out of my memory. Thanks. I’m now going to give them a fresh listen.

  2. Just loving your wording here: “There’s only so many skinny boys with guitars that you can cope with in a lifetime before it gets dull and repetitive…”
    As it happens, the Pigeon Detectives played at a festival a few weeks back which is held very near to where I live. I didn’t need to go – I could hear everything pretty well from my back garden – that suited me fine!

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