The booklet for the C87 boxset has this to say:-

Rosemary’s Children only left behind a legacy of one single and a mini-album but remain a high point of pioneer Mike Alway‘s idiosyncratic el label.

Southern Fields, released in July 1986, was an absolute gem, the sublime folf-rock half of a release that also included the more psychedelically strained (Whatever Happened To) Alice?.

Mini-album Kings and Princes (1987) followed – ‘a royal treat spiced with exotic landscapes, folk follies and direct Englishness’ according to one critic – a mix of noisy post punk, folk and jangly pop. Band member Dave Pearce went on to pioneer exprerimental lo-fi music with Bristol act Flying Saucer Attack.”

My own take is that the single and its b-side are decent enough without being classics but I can see why so many folk recall it in glowing terms about it. It’s perfect if you really do look back at the 60s as THE golden era of pop music, from which so many that have followed can trace their roots. There’s no denying the summer of love had a huge influnce on this particular combo. Even the name of the band screams 1967……

mp3 : Rosemary’s Children – Southern Fields
mp3 : Rosemary’s Children – (Whatever Happened To) Alice?



  1. I do remember getting very excited about this at the time. Haven’t heard it in years, and I can see why it would have had that effect on me back then. As you say, not a classic, but I’m glad you’ve jogged my memory of it. Cheers.

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