From the BBC news website yesterday….

ScotRail has apologised for major disruption after severe damage to overhead wires just outside Glasgow Central station.

Services to and from the station’s high level were affected.

Ten trains travelling on high level routes lost power at about 21:15 on Saturday and passengers had to wait to be led to safety by ScotRail staff.

The train company said it was now almost back to running a full service, after knock-on disruption on Sunday.

Some passengers, commenting on social media, said that they had been stuck on trains for several hours on Saturday night and had to be helped off by engineers with ladders.

ScotRail said all passengers were removed from the affected trains by 00:45.

They were then advised to find alternative transport home, with some offered taxis.

Glasgow Central high level was closed completely at 22:45 with no services running for the remainder of Saturday evening.

I was on one of the ten trains that were stuck outside the station when the power went down.  It ground to a halt at around 21:30 and about 30 minutes later, after the on-train back of power had been drained, it plunged into complete darkness which is how it stayed for almost three hours…on the most basic of trains without a toilet or washroom. And yes. the evacuation method was by ladder down from the stricken train and then up another ladder to a diesel-powered set of carriages for onward transfer to a station in the opposite direction of Glasgow Central and into a taxi.

The annoying thing was that I was only on the train as a last-minute decision to head into town for no more than an hour or so to head to the final ever Strangeways night where a few friends were hanging around – all in an effort to cheer myself up after watching Raith Rovers blow their season in the most miserable manner imaginable.

As Aldo said to me, there are some days it just isn’t worth getting out of bed.

mp3 : The Clash – Train In Vain


9 thoughts on “TRAIN IN VAIN

  1. A few weeks back I was on a train in Dawlish which had to be abandoned because the waves from the sea were breaking over the trains and sea water was coming in the windows. Great Western dumped 150 people at the side of railway and told them to walk the half a mile back to the station.
    The walk was along the same track that sea water was now flooding over.
    No refunds were offered.
    Bloody trains.

  2. Let the train take the strain!
    The only good thing to come out of all this is an opportunity to play the Clash

  3. Gutted for you too Jim I was fair looking forward to being entertained by some witty banter & selection of choice music @ the San Starko on Wed night now all I have Alba & Alloa maybe some other time mate

    Son of the rock

  4. Another season playing the likes of Airdrie and let’s hope Alloa also is not what you were looking forward to JC I know, sorry.

  5. … a good opportunity to post The Pete Best Beatles – ‘Allamein Train’ …. haven’t heard that for ages!

    Sorry though you missed Strangeways and the rest of the gang!

  6. feel your pain but Kirkcaldy is not one of our favourite awaydays ……..
    top tune though.

    all the best for next season from a Doonhamer ……….

  7. What a terrible day, JC. Aldo is right – you should
    have spent the day in bed. Good luck Rovers next

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