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Music Complete is the tenth studio album by the English rock band New Order. It was released on 25 September 2015 by Mute Records, their debut on the label. The album features guest vocals from Elly Jackson of La Roux, Iggy Pop and Brandon Flowers.

During summer 2015, New Order promoted the album through online media, at Lollapalooza Chile with “Singularity” and “Plastic”, and half-minute snippets directly on their YouTube account. It was announced that Gillian Gilbert returned to the band, but with Tom Chapman taking Peter Hook’s bassist role.

Musically, the album is more electronic-focused than its two predecessors, and New Order’s first of new material in a decade. The cover art was designed by long-time collaborator Peter Saville and comprises a montage of lines with four colour schemes: red, yellow, green, and blue, which varies depending on packaging.

Music Complete was released on CD, both clear and black vinyl LP, and digital download on 25 September 2015, with an 8LP deluxe box set released on 20 November. The album received generally favourable reviews. A tour in support of the album ran from 4 November 2015 through 20 December 2015.

All of the above might be true….I didn’t pay attention to the release at the time and for the first time ever, I didn’t seek out tickets for the live shows in Glasgow. Some folk tell me I’m missing out, others say that the material was fairly bog-standard and not a patch on the band’s glorious era of the 80s and early 90s. It seems three singles were also released. As I download them, it will be the first time I’ve ever heard them:-

mp3 : New Order – Restless
mp3 : New Order – Tutti Frutti
mp3 : New Order – Singularity

First one is New Order by numbers…..nice and comfy and unchallenging.

Second one starts off a bit more interesting with a tune that is reminiscent of the Technique era. The chorus, however, is a total turn-off….as dull as the Waiting For The Sirens’ Call material.

Third one is Barney singing…..the others seemingly are playing on it……………but it’s not New Order.

Sorry folks for dragging out the series to such a sad conclusion. The legacy is being tainted by this sub-standard rubbish.

Tune in next Sunday and see what nonsense I’ve come up with for a new series.


8 thoughts on “THE NEW ORDER SINGLES (Parts 32-34)

  1. Have to disagree JC. I really like the lp and it was a real surprise after the last few efforts. It felt fresh and full of energy. The best tracks weren’t the singles. Best thing they have done since technique by a mile

  2. New Order 2015 was never going to sound like New Order 1983. I wouldnt want them too either. Sorry JC, but I’m with FoRW – Music Complete is a really good album IMO. There was, in fact, a fourth single (People On The High Line), but Singularity was actually my fave track on the album. The Extended Versions album that came out later was also enjoyable – each track extended to sound like a good old fashioned NO 12″.

  3. There’s just no tension on Music Complete. There’s just no Peter Hook.

    There is a Hot Chip remix of Tutti Fruitti that sounds like someone let Yello loose in the studio while the track was loaded in the mixing deck.
    The only saving grace is that the Superheated, the track written by Brandon Flowers, was not released as a single. It is so obviously something he wrote for Pet Shop Boys that was rejected. How it got past anyone and appears on Music Complete is anyone’s guess.

  4. I don’t really consider this a New Order album. It’s a Bernard Sumner solo record with Stephen and Gillian on it (because as Bernard worked out with Bad Lieutenant the name New Order sells more units). No Hooky= not New Order. It sounded like NO but it was just a coloyr photocopy of NO. The guest appearances didn’t work for me either. Brandon Flowers has no business being on a New Order record.

  5. About a year ago I gave this album a couple of spins. I didn’t know what to make of it then and still don’t really have anything much to say about it. It is different.

    Inspired by this series, I have been reading Substance Inside New Order by Hooky and it is all rather sad the way relations between he and Bernard broke down seemingly years before the final split.

  6. Hmm. Music Complete…never heard it, or of it. No interest in the Old Order for…Decades. Probably should have waited a few more days before posting that Joy Division ICA, JC.

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