Some of you might know that I’m a keen golfer…some of you who did not know that will probably make a mental note not to come back to the blog ever again!

I should explain that in Scotland, unlike many other countries, golf is a sport whcih isn’t the exclusive preserve of the rich, wealthy or upper-classes. Indeed there’s long been a tradition stretching back hundreds of years of everyday folk, particularly in towns and villages around the coasts, taking up golf as a way of making a living, either as a player or caddy.

I’ve played the game most of my life, encouraged to do so by my dad who played for the sheer enjoyment of it over courses built and operated by councils in Glasgow and neighbouring towns. It was only in his 40s that he finally joined a club and even then it was one which was predominantly made-up of members who worked in the coal or steel industries. There’s many wrong perceptions out there about the wonderful game although I’m the first to admit that it’s still far too elite a pastime in many places.

Today marks the beginning of the first of the four major tournaments for professionals with the Masters tournament from Augusta, Georgia. It’s also the time of year when I try to get back into playing as I tend not to bother over the winter months, and my regular partner is a mate called Douglas Mackie who also is something of a fan of some of the music which features within this little corner of the internet. I was pleasantly surprised when Douglas told me that he’s downloaded all the various mixtapes over the years so that he can listen to them while driving his car every day. I thought it would be a nice gesture to mark the start of the new golf season by compiling a new mix with the sort of sounds I know he most enjoys :-

Various – Mackie’s Masterful Musical Moments


Boys Keep Swinging – David Bowie
Going Missing – Maximo Park
What Presence?! – Orange Juice
I Could Be In Heaven – The Flatmates
Therese – The Bodines
You’re Just Crying For Yourself – Butcher Boy
Waking Up – Elastica
Love Plus One – Haircut 100
For Tomorrow – Blur
My Friend In The Comfortable Chair – Cats On Fire
Johnny Delusional – FFS
Who Do You Think You Are? – Saint Etienne
Bye Bye Pride – The Go-Betweens
Radiation Vibe – Fountains of Wayne
Dance Me In – Sons & Daughters
Orange Crush – R.E.M.
Hymn From A Village – James
Rachel – The Wedding Present

It lasts just a few seconds under the hour…..should work well on his daily commute.



  1. Nice intro! Yes, you pulled your fat out of the fire nicely. At least you understand why, as an enlightened American, I would be strongly opposed to the game of golf on political grounds. In The States, it’s practically a litmus test of a person’s negative impact on society. Only the worst people here golf. It’s a badge of the Ruling Class.

  2. That is untrue, PPM, or at least not entirely true. No doubt the negative opinion of golfers as 1%ers in the US has been compounded by our…our…president…spending most of his administration at one of his self-owned tony private clubs. But there are loads of municipal courses where the rest of us rabble can get on the green. Back in my NYC days I got a lot of bewildered stares from folks on the subway as I took the 5 train from Union Square through Spanish Harlem up to Pelham with my clubs, trying to learn the game at the public courses at Split Rock. And out here in LA there are plenty of public courses, too. So stop arguing with me or I’ll can you like I did our last pastry chef, chauffeur and a couple of our stablehands.

    JC, you might be interested to know that apart from the National course there is fuck-all going on in Augusta. Had a trial there once. Tiny little town that time forgot. Of all the songs on that setlist ‘Going Missing’ would be most apt to listen to there.

  3. Good. Walk. Spoiled.
    TB. Incidentally Mrs Badger had it written into our wedding vows that she can divorce me if I ever own a set of golf clubs.

  4. Fountains of Wayne inclusion earns you a hole-in-one, JC. Enjoy the new season, should that be the correct terminology.

  5. I grew up on the lower side of middle class among the cornfields of Illinois. When I was a kid in the ’80s I could play 18 holes during a weekend on a public course for $7.50. I haven’t played there since 1993, but I just looked it up, and 25 years later a kid can still do it (on a Saturday!) for $15.50. That’s not too much more than going to the movies. My favorite local course was a huge 9-hole affair built on a farm. Rolling fairways, several par-5 holes and beautiful scenery. You couldn’t have heard a car if you tried. The guy’s farmhouse acted as a clubhouse, but the owner was rarely home. He would set out a cigar box on the front porch for you to place your green’s fees. For $7, you could play all day. Your 9 holes would become 27 and you would go home sunburned, but it was worth it. There would be farmers playing in overalls and bare feet. Quite a sight and hundreds of miles from a one percenter, I assure you.

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