It’s been a fascinating first half across all four games.  The Clash are destroying R.E.M. and thus laying down a marker for the remainder of the tournament while many others have, seemingly, unwillingly cast their votes for The Police on the basis that the song representing The Stranglers isn’t regarded as one of their best or most accessible. Both ties already look formalities.

The other two match-ups are much closer affairs.

Daft Punk and Emiliana Torrini have both enjoyed small leads before being pegged back, although the French are now on a bit of a roll and the current gap is at its widest.  The The began their match at a blistering pace racing into an eight goal lead at one point, but the killer combination of Jobson and Adamson have steadied the ship and The Skids could yet make history by being the first to mount a comeback win of seismic proportions.

The Stranglers 6 v The Police 22
Daft Punk 16 v Emiliana Torrini 12
The Clash 22 v R.E.M.(2) 9
The Skids 14 v The The 17

This week’s half-time, as per the newly adopted practice, comes from the ICA of a singer or band knocked out in the last round by one of the above eight sides:-

mp3 : Radiohead – National Anthem

Remember….if you haven’t vote yet, you have until midnight this coming Friday.



6 thoughts on “HALF TIME SCORES

  1. Down in Guilford the Stranglers/Police match has a brief stoppage while Sting gets a manicure on the pitch. The old codgers bring on the nubiles from the stands which distracts Andy Summers, the leading side’s demolition man. Jet Black smuggles an ice pick to make your ears burn into his sock, thinking it might be necessary to straighten out the scoreline. Cornwell observes that when the clock is running down you make the best of what’s still around and urges the band to (get a) grip (on themselves) before the canary falls down the coal mine. The ref shouts for both sides to rehumanize themselves and get on with it. 5 Minutes of added time when Stewart Copeland realizes he’s American and doesn’t know what he’s doing on the pitch. King of pain JJ Burnel abandons protocol and turns to karate, intimidating the 3 blondes until they’re so lonely, not standing so close to each other at the far edges of the touchline. Sting, refreshed from his attentions can’t standing losing and hears the voices in his head shouting that Greenfield has just been hanging around the entire game. At the death it all boils down to who wants the world? most…Stranglers stage massive comeback and win on penalties because they’ve got an extra band member.

  2. Very good. Badger says that the Police should be disqualified from everything solely on the basis of Stings performance in the film Dune.

  3. The Police – If the police could field this song in every match they would be a contender for the final match.

    Emiliana Torrini – Hard choice here. Today I picked Torrini. Yesterday I had picked Daft Punk but didn’t reply then. So….

    R.E.M. – As a university student in the South East US in early ’80s I saw these guys from the very beginning of their career. Heron House is a terrific song. Also think the Clash are by far the best band in the tourney (with exception of Armagideon Time which is a crap tune and doesn’t hold up at all in the this century) Heron House vs a song which appeared in the Lindsey Lohan Movie (Parent Trap). If Badger can disqualify the Police due to Sting’s “acting” in Dune, I can disqualify the only band that matters for selling out to a Disney/Lohan movie. Happy to see the Clash win though, but gotta wear my REM colours today .

    The The – Coin toss. The The wins.

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