jimdoes has come up with a superb way on introducing this week’s four ties, but beforehand we need to dispense with the business of who got through in Week 6 although those of you who saw the half time scores will know three of the match-ups turned out not to be competitive:-

Stone Roses 9 v OMD 31
Wire(2) 36 v Farmer’s Boys/Higsons 4
Everything But The Girl(2) 9 v Echo & The Bunnymen 30
Martin Stephenson 19 v Butcher Boy 21

I think the best summary for this week was provided by Matt when he said “A couple of occasions where the better song beat the better band here”;  I’d also like to give a special thanks to Micky who, as ever, voted late on by e-mail, especially in the knowledge that the MS v BB game was very close – Micky is experiencing some lousy and painful stuff in his personal life just now and it meant a lot to me that he took the time to make sure he could take part in the competition this week.

And now, it’s over to jimdoes….but before your read his words, I’d suggest you play the short video at the top of the page….it might help explain things, particularly to to non-UK readers!!

Matches 25-28 of Round 2

Here’s the next round of matches – we keep saying that ‘this match would have made a great final’ and ‘some are too tough to call’ but Match 27 has got to be the best match yet – fans of other teams will be relieved to avoid these two big guns and to see one of the favourites have to go home early.

The Stranglers v The Police

This is a veterans match if ever there was one. The Stranglers (who last round saw off Roddy Frame but, by playing one of their best songs might have peaked too early) will be shuffling around the pitch with a combined age of 281. Whereas The Police are a man down on their opponents but still clock up an impressive combined age of 206. Sting got all Tantric on Captain Beefheart in the previous round and looks to have brought his A-game to this tie with a song that needs no introductions (he says as he introduces it) – but can The Stranglers’ effort – described in the original ICA as “half-baked unintelligible sci-fi conspiracy nonsense about some whack-ass alien visitation” – cause an upset?

Just Like Nothing On Earth (from The Gospel According to The Meninblack, 1981) v Message In A Bottle (from Regatta de Blanc, 1979)


The bookies are using the incredibly scientific method of counting up the comments on their respective ICAs to work out odds on this round of matches and this tie is VERY close. There were 14 comments each, but more words were written about The Police so they are marginal favourites.

ODDS: The Police 5/4(FAV); The Stranglers 2/1.

As Ray Winstone would say in that “charming” cockney way of his – “CAAAAAM ON… AV A BANG ON THAT.”

Daft Punk v Emiliana Torrini

France v Iceland. Technology v Nature. Robot v Woman.
Daft Punk certainly got lucky in the last round – in the ‘Luck’ derby or ‘Le Derby de luque’ as they say, they comfortably saw saw off The Lucksmiths. Torrini ‘foiled’ Foil (I’ll get my coat) – in one of just two matches to have gone to penalties so far.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (from Discovery, 2001) v Wednesday’s Child (from Love In the Time of Science, 1999)


Daft Punk – 6 comments, Torrini – 21 comments;

ODDS: Daft Punk 4/1; Torrini Evens(fav). Torrini proved more of a hit with readers making her the surprise favourite in this tie – but bookies have been known to get it wrong.

Ray Winston says, “OI MAAAAAATE! GIT ORN IT!”

The Clash v R.E.M (2)

Tie of the round. Tie of the tournament so far. The TV companies didn’t have to think twice. I can’t even begin to decide who will win – or to even write a proper preview. Good luck to both of them. At least this tie shows that the draw is completely random and their are no warm balls in the bag at Vinyl Villain Towers. (JC adds….worth recalling that R.E.M. saw off Radiohead last time out and so will be gutted to pull out such a plum once again)

London Calling (from London Calling, 1979) v Disturbance At The Heron House (from Doucument, 1987)


The Clash – 30 comments, R.E.M. – 16 comments;

ODDS: The Clash (with home advantage) 1/2 (FAV); R.E.M. Evens.

Ray Winston says, “FAAAA*******CK”

The Skids v The The

Will Stuart Adamson run rings around Matt Johnson? Are The The over-confident and looking for who they might draw in the next round? Do the Scottish team have the wrong studs on and will they be slipping all over the pitch? With two players having the same name, will The The be difficult to mark?

The Skids had too much for Elbow in the previous round and The The beat another Scottish team, Simple Minds in what could be a good omen for them going in to this fixture.

Circus Games (from The Absolute Game, 1980) v I’ve Been Waitin’ For Tomorrow (All Of My Life) (Special Mix) (b-side, 1983)


The Skids – 12 comments, The The – 9 comments;

ODDS: The Skids 4/1; The The 3/1 (FAV) Another tight one for the bookies to call.


Remember, vote responsibly and if voting ever becomes an addiction, seek help. Votes close on Friday 30 March at 10pm.



40 thoughts on “BONUS SERIES : THE ICA WORLD CUP : ROUND 2 (Part 7)

  1. Jim there is only 1 cup that matters today can’t do links but youtube “diddy cups”
    You will appreciate it

  2. For me, this is the toughest round so far.

    The Police
    Daft Punk
    The Clash
    The Skids


  3. Police – on the strength of the song
    Emiliania – Iceland once more punching above their weight
    Clash – Strummer beats Stype
    Skids – The The struggle to hack it on a wet Tuesday at East End Park

  4. The Stranglers. The Police should never have made it through round 1.
    Torrini. Iceland turn over Daft Punk, well drilled with some flair up front.
    THE CLASH. Not that I don’t like REM or this song but its THE CLASH.
    The The.

  5. The Police – song choice alone wins it
    Emiliana – because she’s not Daft Punk!
    R.E.M. – no contest for me, but I think it’s a lost cause. One of my fave tracks this one…
    Skids – a marginal victory

  6. Cant bring myself to vote for either in the first tie, after that its
    Daft Punk
    The The

  7. Hey JC,

    My choices this week are:

    The Police
    Daft Punk
    The Clash
    The Skids (my Fav band and a great tune)

    Cheers Jim

  8. Match 25 is a difficult one. Regatta De Blanc is really the only Police album I rate as required listening…but The Gospel According To The Meninblack is an album that turned my head for a number of years and Just Like Nothing On Earth is a wonderful poke in the eye to anyone who has anything rubbish to say about The Stranglers. So….

    Daft Punk
    The Clash
    The The

  9. now the fun starts
    Police (better song)
    Daft Punk (better song)
    the clash (the best song)
    The The (just awesome song)

  10. Jesus Christ, JC, what have you done to me this evening !!??

    Alright, the first one really did me head in, and I’m ashamed to say that my vote goes to ….. The Police. Although to me quite clearly Sting nearly is as much as a twat as Bono is. And you wouldn’t believe how much I hate this Bono – bloke! But: it’s the song that counts, not the band, right? And the fact that the mighty Stranglers were the opponents made my choice even harder. But it must be said that they chose a tune which simply wasn’t good enough. I have a brilliant live version of it on tape, very old indeed, and had that version been in question, they’d have won. But the studio version of “Earth” is a bit too much over the top alas …

    Second game: a goalless draw, by and large. Both performances were dull, and only by chance – ‘cos I already was half asleep – I saw the lucky goal that Emiliana scored right at the end of extra time …

    Third game. Well, no question really! Or is it? You might not believe me when I say that I always thought ‘London Calling’ is one of the weaker Clash-songs. Really, I never liked it that much, don’t know why. Also REM pretty much always had the same effect on me that Sting & Bono had. But here, it must be said, the tune they chose was pretty fine, I even downloaded it. Still – of course – The Clash win by miles, even with a more weak performance. I mean, did you see me in a REM – shirt when in Glasgow? No, you didn’t! My team for the top, remember my words when the Grand Finale comes up!

    Another easy one and apparently Matt Johnson didn’t know that at this stage of the tournament you better come up with a mighty song indeed, or you’re out very quickly! The Skids win by quite some distance!

  11. STRANGLERS (Fuck Tha Police, as people out my way are wont to say)
    The The

    and another vote for XTC while I’m at it.

  12. The Police
    Then Emiliana! Emiliana! Emiliana! I’ve been wearing my Team Emiliana Tshirt all through this contest and now here she is, out on the pitch, the small, lone female playing against two hairy-arsed French men who won’t even take their helmets off (what are they afraid of?!) There’s so much testosterone on and around the pitch this week that I’m starting to grow hair in places I’ve never grown hair before just watching (listening?)…. They might have my support in other matches but Daft Punk play a dull game this week whilst Emiliana weaves and charms her way between them with effortless grace to score the winning goal. “Do the right thing!” she sings, “Win or lose!” You definitely win, Emiliana!
    The Clash
    The The

  13. Police
    Daft Punk (but only just)
    Clash (can’t believe I’m voting against REM, but it is London Calling)
    Skids (if for no other reason that it’s not a seven and a half minute self-indulgent Special Mix by The The)

  14. The Police (I really liked that Stranglers song, but I’d just be being a muso if I voted against Message in a Bottle.)
    The Clash (see comments above)
    The Skids (surprised myself – but I don’t have a lot of time for 7 minute remixes, even if they are “Special”. If MJ had fielded a non-remix, he’d probably have won.)

  15. What a mixed bag – some walkovers and one nailbiter.
    The Police
    Daft Punk by a country mile
    Ooh. Er. Heron house is good song from a great album. London Calling is an ok song from a brilliant classic album… The Clash have it.
    The The

  16. I laughed at the fact Ray Winstone is involved in this week’s match-ups…he strikes me as someone who’s like his music loud and would go Stranglers, Clash and Skids for a 1-2-3 KO of the opposition.

    But he isn’t voting (or is he??….is he a celeb reader???).

    Here goes from the MT camp…’s not been easy.

    I’m giving my first vote to Sting & co, only for the fact that listening to ‘Message in a Bottle’ again was a reminder of how catchy a pop song it’s always been that you find yourself humming for hours….that and the fact the drumming/percussion is shit-hot.

    ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ annoys the hell out of me…and the title sounds like the mission statement for a chain of S&M establishments. ET doesn’t go home in this round.

    What everyone has said already about London Calling is bang-on and it should be a stroll in the park for The Clash; BUT….and it’s a huge BUT…..Heron House, besides also being a great tune, is one which R.E.M. wrote to criticise Reagan and then, later on, both of Bush snr and jnr. I’m guessing if they had stayed together, any current shows would see if dedicated to the current president. That’s enough to get my vote.

    The special mix of Waiting For Tomorrow isn’t all that different from the original in terms of length so it’s not as annoying as some examples can be. However, Circus Games is a blistering song and one of the few instances when it’s been acceptable to feature a kid’s choir.

    Sad to see some of this week’s teams failing to progress given some of the plodding dross that are already in the next round.

    Malky Tucker

  17. The Police
    Daft Punk
    The Clash – I have reason to think that the only band that matters might win the whole thing.
    The The

  18. Police
    Don’t care
    The Clash (Best track by the best rock’n’roll band of all time. Sorry REM, that’s a damn good track to go with but really, it’s no contest.)
    The Skids

  19. Stranglers 0-0 Police – one that was left til the end of the highlights show.
    Daft Punk – familiarity won through here
    The Clash – an REM performance that would have seen off many, but not when Strummer and co bring their A-game
    The Skids – was always going to be, and Circus Games is ace.

  20. The Police, one of their better songs (yes, Sing is a huge twat but back then they actually did some great tunes)
    Daft Punk, they were simply stronger and faster than Emiliana.
    The Clash, no discussion.
    The The, no discussion.

  21. The Stranglers – As long as Hugh Cornwell was there Stranglers remained really interesting, odd but interesting
    Daft Punk – I did enjoy the Emiliani song but this DP is a classic, endlessly listenable
    REM – agree London Calling is so over used its now just a movie cliche, and I love the clash. But this REM song which I didn’t immediately recall just shows I’m going to be finding treasures and new joys in the REM catalogue for years to come.
    The The – no contest.

  22. The Police (for H)
    Daft Punk (song of the week in my book. For D and G2)
    REM (for G1)
    The Skids (for all the young punks I grew up with, especially R obviously)

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