Thus far, most comments and votes have followed a pattern….almost all have gone OMD, Wire and E&TB.  Matches 21-23 are, to all intent and purposes, done and dusted….

Stone Roses 6 v OMD 22
Wire(2) 26 v Farmer’s Boys/Higsons 2
Everything But The Girl(2) 6 v Echo & The Bunnymen 23

The final tie could be a cliffhanger….neither side has ever established a substantial lead and both have enjoyed spells of being in front. It’s the first genuine contest in weeks

Martin Stephenson 13 v Butcher Boy 14

This week’s half-time, as per the newly adopted practice, comes from the ICA of a singer or band knocked out in the last round by one of the above eight sides:-

mp3 : Mike Garry and Joe Dudell ‘St Anthony- An Ode To Anthony H Wilson’ (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

If you don’t know this half-time song, then ypu’re in for a real treat. If you do it, then you’ll no doubt want to listen again.

I’ll re-post what Swiss Adam said when he pulled together the Weatherall ICA:-

Mike Garry’s wonderful poem for Tony Wilson, a celebration of the Factory boss and ‘Manchester music, marijuana, majesty and Karl Marx’, was set to music by Joe Dudell, a string quartet version of New Order’s Your Silent Face. Weatherall took it back to the electronic roots of Power, Corruption and Lies. Released to raise funds for cancer charities and The Christie hospital – go buy it.”

I’ll endorse his request that you go buy it.  I have.  Click here.

Oh and finally, if you haven’t voted yet this week, you have until midnight this coming Friday.



9 thoughts on “HALF TIME SCORES

  1. I voted in my mind days ago, but I guess I never actually went to the booth. Going with all the big leaders and adding a much-needed vote for Martin.

  2. … quite right about the song you chose, although – at least imho – the “regular” version is even better than Weatherall – remix!

  3. Ok, so I am ready to put this one in…still killing me on one count…
    OMD – no question
    WIRE – no question
    ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN – Voting for the greatest band of all time over my own ICA!!!! But it was bound to happen….
    MARTIN STEPHENSON – toss up really…

  4. A couple of occassions where the better song defeats the better band here;
    Butcher Boy

  5. To state the obvious: Bunnymen, Wire, OMD, and Martin (tough one, but songs beat titles)

  6. OMD. First three lines induce existential crisis in bed sit dwelling 20 something
    Wire. Wanted to vote for Higsons but can’t beat the song.
    EBTG. Cannot understand so many voting for dear Mr Echo. Love the singles but this is a dirge. Repeating Zimbo tunelessly does not make a chorus. Love Tracey and Ben. Wish they were in my Hall
    Butcher Boy. Just sublime. Every track in that album does it for me.

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