Yup….it is the cover of Get Ready, the album released by New Order in 2001.

Three singles were lifted from it.

mp3 : New Order – Crystal (radio edit)

The ‘comeback’ single was released in August 2001; the first new song in eight years and sort of fitting that it went to #8 in the singles chart.  The critics went wild for it but to this fan of such long-standing it was distinctly ordinary.  Never had New Order sounded so much like an average white rock band.  It was released on 2 x CD singles and, as had happened ever since the move away from Factory a number of remixes were offered up as the b-sides, although CD1 also had one other otherwise unavailable track:-

mp3 : New Order – Behind Closed Doors

If only it had been a cover of the Charlie Rich country hit from the 70s…..but to be fair it did turn out to be more  unusual songs in the discography of the band – one that if played in isolation with no hints might catch out a few folk with the vocal not quite sounding fully like Barney till about 2mins in.  It still doesn’t disguise the fact that for a band who were so adept with b-sides for much of their career that this is far from stellar.

Moving forward to November 2001 and what proved to be a #29 hit, which is about right for such a plodding effort:-

mp3 : New Order – 60 Miles An Hour

It’s b-sides consisted of a remix of the single, three remixes of album track Someone Like You and one new track:-

mp3 : New Order – Sabotage

Nope, it’s not a cover of the Beastie Boys song. In fact, it’s a far better song than many which found their way onto  the parent album. It’s something of a throwback in some ways to the Low-Life/Brotherhood era with some great bass licks from Hooky midway through.

And just one month later, the song given the remixes as b-sides to 60 Miles An Hour was issued as a 45 in its own right….albeit one with a difference Here’s wiki:-

Someone Like You is a single released by New Order in December 2001. The single is unusual in New Order’s back catalogue in the respect that it was issued primarily as a club DJ vinyl release. “Someone Like You” was remixed by Futureshock, Gabriel & Dresden, James Holden and Funk D’void. The Gabriel & Dresden 911 Vocal Mix was recorded on September 11 and all releases with its inclusion has these sleeve notes: “Recorded September 11th, 2001 and is dedicated to the men, women and children who senselessly lost their lives that day”.

mp3 : New Order – Someone Like You (Gabriel & Dresden 911 Vocal Mix)

Methinks this 12 minute explosion of sound is one for Swiss Adam and ctel.


11 thoughts on “THE NEW ORDER SINGLES (Part 25-27)

  1. A lot of my opinions in this series have been out of step with those of the majority of other contributors which is OK I hope… because having read your piece, JC, I am afraid here I go again.

    I am such a New Order fan but by this time it had been so long since there was anything that I could write about with any enthusiasm that I was so looking forward to this one because, to my ears….

    Crystal is a gem. From my first listen it was an instant classic, right up there with their very best singles and a total vindication to me of my enduring love for New Order even while they were away doing material I considered beneath them. I should have known with all the talent in the band that it would only be a matter of time before they released something I loved again. I had thought your piece JC might be titled “It really was a cracking comeback single”, unfortunately you don’t feel the same way about it.

    The first time I heard Crystal was actually also first time I saw them in years as it was a TV performance and to say they blew me away would be an understatement. This blistering brilliant, track burst through all the other dross, wiped away the years of disappointment of one pedestrian NO single after another, the band looked as good as they sounded also. This single was as welcome to me as it was surprising. I made my peace with New Order, I was glad that it hadn’t been left with them slowly slipping from my consciousness, they were finally back and I was right back onboard with them… (breath)

  2. “Never had New Order sounded so much like an average white rock band.”

    Let’s hope they can pick up the pieces!

    Dear me, what a obvious gag…

  3. I’m with Alex- I love Crystal. I bought it on holiday in 2001 and thought it sounded great, Stephen’s drumming totally on it and a band re-energised. I saw them pay it at the Apollo the year after and it fitted in well with the rest of the set.

  4. I’m standing in JC’s corner here. From the Gap Jeans – like album cover art to the nagging feeling I had heard this before but better, Crystal left me underwhelmed. The one thing I will say benefited Crystal, as well as Get Ready, is the disappearance of Stephen Hague from any involvement.
    As for 60 Miles An Hour, it’s 70’s California Rock-by-numbers for me. Nice that Hooky’s bass is mixed forward on the track though.
    Whoever made the decision to include Rock The Shack over Sabatoge on Get Ready needs a flogging. It may not be their best song ever, but it goes a long way to remind what a tight unit New Order could be.
    Finally, Behind Closed Doors is pretty much a Sumner confessional to my ears. It belonged on the album.

  5. I’ve been quiet on this series as I parted ways with New Order in the mid-80’s. (If you can’t say something nice, etc.) Never quite understood their popularity–seemed like loads more bands were doing exactly what they were doing, only much better. Their reputation as ‘innovators’ befuddles me. Their lyrics were rarely interesting and Sumner can’t sing. So I was pleasantly surprised when I heard 60 MPH on the local college radio station. It is, as Echorich says, California rock-by-numbers but by now I was living in California. I incorporated the song into the set my band at that the time was playing and we sounded okay singing the repetitive chorus in 3-part harmony. It didn’t inspire me to get the album or anything, and I haven’t heard a new New Order song since, but it was a nice little nostalgic moment for me. Listened to the other singles just now and–no offense anyone–they’re as disposable as everything else New Order had done the previous 15 years. I know I’m in the superminority about this band so I’ll just keep quiet until this series ends.

  6. Go on Jonny……let us all hear your band’s take on it….there must be a cassette recording kicking around somewhere!

  7. Ha! I made sure all evidence of my anything with me playing guitar on it has been erased!

  8. …. an album which has the mighty Nicolette Krebitz on the cover can’t be all that bad, at least as far as I’m concerned: what a goddess, to be sure!

  9. Boy, talk about forgetting heroes from our youth. Seriously, I have never heard Crystal in my life until this moment. That’s how much New Order was not on my radar when this came out.

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