I wrote previously about The June Brides with the posting coming to the conclusion that they really deserved to have enjoyed far more success than they experienced, and I argued that they were maybe just a wee bit too ahead of their time as their sort of sound became more fashionable in the early 90s.

I also mentioned that Phil Wilson, the lead singer and songwriter with the band ended up working in a tax office in the 90s, just when his music career should have been reaching new heights.

Prior to joining Civvy Row, Phil was signed as a solo artist by Creation Records who no doubt expected a continuation of a sound whose influences included Jonathan Richman, The Velvet Underground and Josef K. The first solo record came out in February 1987:-

mp3 : Phil Wilson – Waiting For A Change

Yup… a full-blown country song, complete with steel guitar and fiddle. It was miles removed from the indie-pop that had seen his former band once be the support act for The Smiths.

It seemed all the more incredible as the backing band for the new single were The Triffids, a highly talented and critically acclaimed rock and pop band as well as Frank Sweeney, his old sidekick from the June Brides. Listening now, it feels as if everyone involved just went into the studio and had fun. Here’s the two b-sides from the 12″:-

mp3 : Phil Wilson – Even Now
mp3 : Phil Wilson – A Cowboy’s Lament

Sales were abysmal and it barely cracked the lower regions of the Indie Chart. Maybe there was better luck next time around….tune in tomorrow and find out.


4 thoughts on “WHAT PHIL DID NEXT (1)

  1. Ah, my No. 1 indie hero. Although the Brides never did a proper studio recording, this song dates back to at least 1985 when the band did a jangly take for Peel’s show. I like this country version better. I have today’s pick as a 12” single and a 2×7” gatefold, and the tracklists do vary a bit. One of the songs on the 2×7” was strangely omitted from the otherwise excellent Cherry Red two-disc comp that came out in 2005. Great to see this one today, CC.

  2. Can do no wrong after allowing my friends band Black Sick to support the June Brides once

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