The first three of this week’s matches are already looking foregone conclusions and it’s only 8.30pm on Monday night.  The final tie, however, has been fairly nip and tuck for the most part with both sides having held the lead at one point in time or other.

Rod Stewart 5 v The Jesus and Mary Chain 19
XTC (2) 19 v Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 8
The Smiths (2) 19 v Husker Du 8
Durutti Column 12 v Paul Quinn 12

This week’s half-time tune, as per the newly adopted practice, comes from the ICA of a singer or band knocked out in the last round by one of the above eight sides:-

mp3 : Teenage Fanclub – Don’t Look Back

Remember….if you haven’t voted yet, you have until 10pm this coming Thursday (votes close 24 hours earlier than normal!!).



14 thoughts on “HALF TIME SCORES

  1. I had hopes some of these might be closer than last week’s boring walkovers. But mostly, no.

  2. Just realised that we haven’t voted
    Nicholas Cave
    Husker Du
    Durrutti Column


  3. I already voted but I’m submitting another vote for XTC because voting irregularities are now okay in my country.

  4. A bit like the early rounds of the Carabao Cup this week but;
    J&MC cruise through with the reserves
    Nick Cave wins easily in a tie that promised more
    The Smiths quality just wins out over the more muscular approach of HD and
    Paul Quinn edges through in front of the lowest crowd of the competition

  5. Whisper it but, overall, not my favourite week for songs.

    And the winners were:
    The JAMC
    The Smiths
    (And this really pains me to vote against him, but based on song) Durutti Column

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