All four games looked like foregone conclusions as early as Saturday evening thanks to a very clear and distinct pattern of voting emerging. The television bosses (and Dirk) have already their disappointment with the lack of excitement but should be consoling themselves that the last 32 is shaping up very nicely indeed.

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions 23 v Arab Strap 5
British Sea Power 8 v Orange Juice 20
Lambchop 0 v Pulp 28
Pavement 21 v Clyde McPhatter 6

If they were boxing matches, I reckon we would be calling a halt to each of them. None of the losing acts deserve continued punishment.

This week’s half-time, as per the newly adopted practice, comes from the ICA of a singer or band knocked out in the last round by one of the above eight sides.  This one, selected by jimdoes before voting started, seem very apt:-

mp3 : Tilly and The Wall – Nights of the Living Dead




  1. I’ve phoned round all Billy Ward’s old Dominoes. I think they could swing it.

    This week’s contribution:

    Lloyd are you ready to be heartbroken? This song left me un-enthused. So non-memorable was it that I can’t remember it even though I must have played it many times as part of the album. I’ve just re-read JC’s reasons for choosing it on the original ICA. Good to know we have some musical differences. And I see from the votes, with most other readers too, Arab Strap don’t win by default though. Sucker for a cello.

    There are few songs ever released that I’d score above “Blueboy” though admittedly many of those are to be found on the various ICAs. Orange Juice at a canter.

    Lambchop. It’s a soul classic. If Billy Ward, Clyde McPhatter and Jackie Wilson had released this it’d be the best thing ever. Slight exaggeration, but I’m bored of that Pulp pish, and they’re going through anyway. Lambchop scores.

    I really wanted to vote Billy Ward and his Dominoes, but this for me isn’t as good as some of the other songs that might have been chosen to represent Clyde. Pavement walk it.

  2. Hi Jim

    Not liking this round

    Arab Strap

    Orange Juice

    Oh my what was chopper Wagner thinking of ?
    Putting out a cover version ( ok it’s way better than the tosh from pulp ) *


    * at my local a Pride Curryoke bash is going on this Saturday and a Fredrick Knight southern soul classic is gotta be a better choice of the two

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