As is often the case these days, my first knowledge of Patrick Doyle’s passing, at the age of 32, came via a post from a friend on social media yesterday morning, waking and seeing it in the early hours meant it didn’t properly register till later in the morning when news outlets began carrying the story.

I first would have first seen Patrick as part of The Royal We, at an all day event curated by Stephen Pastel at the CCA in Glasgow back in 2007. The Royal We were yet to release their debut (and only) album, but there was enough hype around them that I was very keen to see what all the fuss was about. I fell for them straight away, though little did I know that I’d be seeing them for the only time, as a short while later they disbanded just around the release of that aforementioned eponymous album.

A couple of years later a mate, who was an acquaintance of Patrick’s through being in a band himself, mentioned that a couple of the folks from The Royal We had formed a new group (the other member being Roxanne Clifford). Making a note to keep an eye out for them, it wasn’t long before that band, Veronica Falls were firm favourites. I went along to catch them live the first opportunity I could, and though I recognised Patrick I was slightly thrown by the fact he was now behind the drumkit, as opposed to on guitar as previously.

I was absolutely smitten with them for a while, and I was fortunate to catch them live a number of times. Two wonderful albums later it was announced that, although not splitting, the band would be going on a hiatus with members focussing on different side projects.

Patrick himself disappeared from my own radar for a couple of years until I learned he’d began recording under the Boys Forever name, and my next time catching him live would be at Indietracks festival in the summer of 2016. This time moving to lead, instead of being behind the drums. He continued to make the kind of sounds I adore. The last time I recall seeing Patrick performing was later that same year supporting the Goon Sax at Mono in Glasgow.

It’s perhaps unfortunate that it has taken news of his tragic death for me to really reflect on the work Patrick was involved in, and how much joy I’ve gotten personally from the music he helped in producing.

Thank you for the music Patrick, RIP

mp3 : The Royal We – All The Rage
mp3 : Veronica Falls – Bad Feeling
mp3 : Boys Forever – Voice In My Head


JC adds……I also saw the news on social media yeaterday and my thoughts turned immediately to Aldo. He was kind enough to accept my invitation to pull together the above piece although I knew it was something he was totally unprepared for and indeed most likely had plans to fill in his Sunday afternoon and evening otherwise. Huge thanks mate for doing this.

This unexpected tragedy has meant that the post I had planned for today has been shifted…indeed I’m going to rethink things for the remainder of this week and move a few things around, possibly doubling up on a couple of days with bonus postings. I’ll see how I feel. Just to add that my thoughts too are with Patrick’s family and friends at this very difficult time. RIP.


  1. Very well put, Aldo & JC.

    When you do a few years on the ticket desk at clubs a weird thing happens
    whereby you get to know people without actually getting to know them.

    Quite a while ago, Patrick was a young regular at one such club I helped out at and although we weren’t friends, even a stranger would instantly realise that a sincere passion for music was a big part of his personality.

    Sorry to hear this news. I’ll be spinning, loudly, the superb ‘Teenage’ by
    Veronica Falls later.

  2. Your tribute happens to be the way I’m hearing this sad news. Your words are a great comfort I wouldn’t have felt reading about Patrick over the wires. Thanks, Aldo.

    I bought the first Veronica Falls album from Stephen at Mono when I visited Glasgow in February 2012. He was playing it in the shop at the time.

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