As promised last week, jimdoes, whose concept it was to have an ICA World Cup, will take you through this week’s tasty match-ups, but before then, the final scores on the ties you’ve had to deliberate on these past seven days:-

The Jam 37 The Detroit Cobras 6
Half Man Half Biscuit 25 Trash Can Sinatras 17
Pete Wylie 27 PJ Harvey 17
Magazine 19 The Wedding Present 25

At one point I thought Magazine were set to pull off an historic victory as they closed what had been a substantial gap down to just two points some 24 hours before the close of voting, but the extra helping of apple pie on the final day saw TWP survive to fight another day.  Here’s some great comments in respect of each match:-

The Jam v Detroit Cobras : I love a plucky underdog, especially against a mighty top side (in recent weeks I’ve been cheering on Newport County (well, OK, most weeks I cheer for the County), Rochdale and Wigan!) So when I saw The Jam vs The Detroit Cobras, I was ready to cast my vote for Motor City’s finest R&B covers band. Until I saw Weller & Co had fielded Billy Hunt. From that moment on, there was only going to be one result…THE ROBSTER

Half Man Half Biscuit v Trash Can Sinatras : National Shite Day is our new national anthem so no contest. Overhead a rainbow appears. In black and white…..SWISS ADAM

Pete Wylie v PJ Harvey : Pete pips poor Polly, producing pristine, proto-pop pleaser…..MICKY

Magazine (“Oh, 10 points for them and they are very good indeed. 10 points by all accounts!”) v The Wedding Present (“And 11 points for them because I can understand the singer better!”). I said: “But you don’t speak English.”. “No”, he replied, “but he (Gedge) is a bit a slower and thus more comprehensible.”. So match ended 10:11…..DIRK & LITTLE LOSER.

The final submission this week, which came from themostdisagreeablefirst, did make me laugh out loud.  He/she typed the word ‘Magazine’ ten times and asked ‘does that help’?  Given that I actually wanted Shot By Both Sides to get through, it was tempting……but in the end, it only counted for one vote.

That’s enough for week 3.

Here’s jimdoes:-

First up, I want to thank JC for taking my crackpot scheme and turning it in to a brilliant series – and all the people who have voted and added brilliant comments about each tie.

Matches 13-16 of Round 2

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions v Arab Strap

A match that guarantees a Scottish team in the next round. If I knew anything about Scottish football I’d make a comparison between various teams and these two bands. But I don’t. So I won’t – as it would probably upset a lot of people. Anyway, last round both teams were expected to win their ties which they duly did, without any trouble – seeing off The Pipettes and A Certain Ratio respectively. I know who I’m voting for in this round but it’s a tie that I think is difficult to call.

Mister Malcontent (from Mainstream, 1987) v Packs Of Three (from Philophobia, 1998)

British Sea Power v Orange Juice

The magic of the cup. This is the televised round of the week – the broadcasters licking their lips at the prospect of two of the dark horses going head to head. British Sea Power are taking no chances even though they have home advantage and are playing a really strong team. Meanwhile, Edwyn Collins‘ team have foregone their usual Orange kit and have opted for their away colours – Blue Boys. BSP were also the televised match in the previous round, seeing off Beach House much to my relief. And Orange Juice ran up a cricket score against the unfortunate Tilly and The Wall, despite their fancy footwork.

Remember Me (from The Decline of British Sea Power, 2001) v Blue Boy (single 1980)

Lambchop v Pulp

In the previous round Lambchop beat Martha and The Muffins in a match that was end to end – it took a strong second half performance from Kurt Wagner‘s team to win. Pulp saw off a spirited display from Tindersticks to set up this tie. In an effort to appear neutral I’ll just say that Lambchop must be cursing their luck with this draw. Not only coming up against one of the tournament favourites but then having Pulp put out their ‘A’ team must be particularly hard to take. Still, everyone loves an underdog – could we see an upset here?

I’ve Been Lonely For So Long (from What Another Man Spills, 1998) v Common People (from Different Class, 1995)

Pavement v Clyde McPhatter

With his choice of song, has Clyde McPhatter already thrown in the towel in this tie? He’s been the underdog before and come through a closely fought match against Gene Loves Jezabel. Or will Pavement‘s slacker style count against them. On paper it doesn’t look like they are taking any chances, especially as they experienced a minor scare in the previous round against The Twilight Sad before running out eventual winners.

Cut Your Hair (from Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, 1994) v Have Mercy Baby by Billy Ward & The Dominoes (single, 1951)

As ever, the deadline for voting is next Friday, 9 March, with a 10pm cut-off time in the UK.

JC will be back with next week’s four games by which point we will getting close to knowing the make-up of the last- standing 32 sides.


32 thoughts on “BONUS SERIES : THE ICA WORLD CUP : ROUND 2 (Part 4)

  1. Thanks JC

    I’ve had a while to think about these ties and give each song a few listens

    LLOYD COLE (one of my favourites by him)
    ORANGE JUICE (it pains me to vote against BSP but Blue Boy is such a good song)
    PULP (obviously – could this match be the first landslide, or are we going to get some “I never have liked Common People” confessions?)

  2. Lloyd Cole. The Scottish Premier side fielded a slightly weakened team that was still strong enough to beat their lower-league rivals.
    British Sea Power. There’s no doubt the stong Scottish support helped the away opposition but even if BSP fielded a weakened team playing barefoot in a cobbled alley in the roughest part of Glasgow, they have still won this one!
    Pulp. This one had Torquay United vs Man City written all over it…
    Pavement. You can be as slick and organised as you like, but on the field of play anything can happen. Pavement’s erratic, often confusing style proved too uch for the opposition here.

    I do think we may have to call in the anti-corruption unit here though. There seems to be a concerted effort by some to ensure an all Scottish final. I mean, OJ over BSP? Really?

  3. Lloyd Cole
    Orange Juice

    Quite a easy one for me this week,
    no 2nd guessing on my part.

  4. Not really sure if the opening tie is all-Scottish…..Mr Cole may have spent some of his youth and student days in the Glasgow area but he’s a born and bred Englishman who has lived most of his life in the USA. Not that it matters too much as he’s no chance up against the Falkirk Bairns of Moffat and Middleton whose Packs of Three is one of THE great opening songs on any album you care to listen to.

    Poor BSP. They’ve toiled away manfully over the years delivering quality album after quality album, building up the most dedicated and driven of fanbases…..but even they will surely have to admit that Orange Juice have thrown everything at them to ensure progress on this one. There’s a case to be made that Blue Boy is the greatest 45 ever on Postcard Records….

    ‘Ah, C’mon’ might well be the reaction of Kurt Wagner and his band of troubadours when given the news of who they were lining up against in this round. Hewould be entitled to have turned into a ‘Moody Fucker’ when given the news of the song Jarvis & Co decided to go with. This has the potential to be frightenly one-side.

    ‘Have Mercy Baby’ indeed Mr McPhatter. There is no arguement that Clyde is a class act and may have sneaked through against today’s opponent if one of the weird b-sides or album tracks had been chosen. Alas, ‘Cut Your Hair’ is just too decent a track not to opt for.

    In summary…..Strap, OJ, Pulp and Pavement.

    Malky Tucker

  5. The Commotions, Orange Juice, Pulp and the only one that was difficult for me but Pavement win with a typical Old Firm extra time winner after the referee has let play continue until they got the goal despite there being no stopages in the second half.

  6. Lloyd Cole wins the sweaty sock derby
    British Sea Power
    Pulp – by a long way. Never knowingly heard anything by Lambchop I actually like for more than about 30 seconds

  7. 1. Arab Strap- a packet of 3 hat-trick.
    2. Orange Juice- Blue Boy is better than almost anything else you’ll hear today.
    3. Pulp- snakehips Cocker at his best, leading the forward line, smoking fags, playing pool.
    4. Notebooks out plagiarists! Pavement. I suppose.

  8. LLOYD COLE wins despite long match delay while the singer refuses to leave dressing room until he can come up with a rhyme for ‘unprepossessing’
    BRITISH SEA POWER at the death, egged on by the terrace repeating the 2 word chorus
    PULP field their strongest 11 and walk all over the Nashville side
    PAVEMENT up by 5 before the half; game forfeited in their favor and match organizers fined for elder abuse

  9. Lloyd (love P of 3 but it’ll take a lot to get me to vote against Mr. Cole)
    Orange Juice
    Pulp (sorry, Kurt, but nobody stands a chance against Common People)

  10. I like all of these, but there is a clear-cut winner in all matches this week…

    OJ (this one isn’t even fair… Airdrie v Man United, apologies to Drew)

  11. LLoyd Cole walked home a comfortable 5-0 with a bunch of books under his right arm while OJ won an equally comfortable game, there are reports Edwin played with a pack of postcards tucked away under his right arm.
    Pulp didn’t leave poor Lambchop but to run aimlessly after the ball they never touched. Reports say half the crowd chanted “Disco” and the other side replied “2000” throughout the match.
    Unfortunately the services of the Swedish National Broadcasting company broke down after the Pulp massacre and a week of “National Ice Days*” so there are no reports on this side of the Northern Sea about the last game.
    * A national ice day is when the entire country for 24 consecutive hours have temperature below 0C/32F. Actually quite rare, and no we don’t have ice bears walking the streets.

  12. To me, a good game should include:

    1) Competitive balance: No blowouts or one-sided affairs. Both competing teams should be evenly matched and the game itself highly disputed.

    2) What’s on the line?: The greater the stake, the more impressive the achievement. The ability to perform well when it matters the most is the most valuable attribute in sports and football is no exception.

    3) Quality of play: The game should feature crisp, creative, accurate passing and plays and continuity with a steady flow and rhythm and a minimum of hard fouls and botched plays.

    4) Drama: Just like a compelling movie, the game should be riveting enough to send the casual fan into an emotional roller coaster ride across the spectrum from deep sorrow to absolute bliss.

    5) Star power and individual brilliance: What’s a great movie without a great cast?

    This week, we didn’t see all too much of the above alas. Especially the first paragraph was rather criminally neglected. To be frank, the only really interesting game was the last one. The results therefore:

    Lloyd Cole
    Orange Juice

    More decent clashes next week, please!

  13. You know, this is a really joyful way to spend some time on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I love the randomness of the tracks/artists and being reminded of songs I haven’t heard in ages or (as very often) hearing ones I’ve never heard before at all. Feels like I could be at one of your indie music nights (well, I can’t relate to football at all!)
    Anyway, quite easy choices for me this week:

    Lloyd Cole & The Commotions (had forgotten just how good that was)

  14. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions (Reminded me of a motivated and urgent Man City against a sleepwalking Arsenal)
    Orange Juice (surprised to see myself voting against BSP, but it needs to the class of OJ for this to happen)
    Pulp (Champions League quality easily rolls over spirited opposition – one of the few Lambchop tracks I can actually listen to for the duration)
    Clyde McPhatter (the thought of my late father tutting at any other choice wins the day here)

  15. Good Morning

    Here are the results from the TSOBO jury.

    Cole 3 Strap 0

    BSP 3 orange juice 0

    Lamb chop 0 Pulp 3

    Mcphatter 0 Pavement 3

    This shocking because it is the first time we’ve all been in agreement about anything.

  16. Lloyd Cole. Had nil nil all over it. Just one moment of magic. Arab strap never got going

    BSP. Sometimes Rock is just bigger and better.

    You want me to vote for a lanky art school chancer trying to get a leg over with a naive foreign student. That may be ok in the 90s but definately not on nowadays. My vote goes to Sharee Lewis little friend Lambchop. Simpler times

    Like Wylie last week. Pavement just try too hard for commercial success and come over all Weezer. vote for Clyde the real deal.

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